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Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

Chapter 458 - Chapter 458: Knowing That My Girl Has Been Suffered

Chapter 458: Knowing That My Girl Has Been Suffered

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She returned home.

She was still coaxed into this man’s arms.

Mu Anan’s emotions were not suppressed at all, and she did not want to suppress them either.

As sad as she was, she would let it go.

Her grievances were doubled in front of this man.

She cried miserably.

‘■Yes, I know that our girl has suffered.” Seventh Master gently stroked the back of Mu Anan’s head.

Mu Anan struggled a little. She lifted her head and rested her chin on her lower abdomen.

Her eyes were red from crying, and she looked like a pitiful little girl, “Seventh

Master, it’s not comfortable hugging me like this.”

Zong Zhengyu reached out to wipe away the tears on her face, How do you want me to hug you?”

“Squat down.”

As soon as Mu Anan finished speaking, Zong Zhengyu had already followed her instructions and squatted in front of her.

The next second, Mu Anan opened her hands around Seventh Master’s neck

and buried her face in his neck.

Zong Zhengyu’s body stiffened.

He reached out and rubbed the back of Mu Anan’s head, “It’s enough.

As he spoke, he was about to pull Mu Anan out of his arms.

Mu Anan didn’t move. She just looked at the man with an aggrieved expression.

There were still tears in the corners of her eyes. She looked so aggrieved.

It was as if she was declaring to Zong Zhengyu that if he dared to pull Mu Anan out of his arms, she would throw a tantrum and roll around on the spot.

Zong Zhengyu was speechless.

“Alright, I’ll hug you.”

As he said, he pulled her back into his arms and placed his hand on Mu Anan’s shoulder. When he slid down, he carefully avoided Mu Anan’s wound.

“Seventh Master.”


“Can I bite you?”

“… Sure.”

After getting permission, Mu Anan didn’t show any mercy. She opened her mouth and bit down on Seventh Master’s collarbone.

Seventh Master groaned.

Mu Anan had bitten him just like that, and for no reason, she had bitten him with extra force.

She bit his collarbone.

The pain in that spot was magnified many times over compared to other places.

In addition, Mu Anan’s two canine teeth were sharp and piercing. She bit like a little beast attacking people.

Zong Zhengyu didn’t know why this girl would bite him so capriciously.

However, this girl had indeed suffered a lot in the past few days.

So he tolerates her.

At the thought of this, Seventh Master reached out and rubbed the back of Mu

Anan’s head.

Mu Anan only let go of Zong Zhengyu when she felt a slight taste of blood in

her mouth.

When he got up, he could see the two rows of gums on his collarbone. There were even small drops of blood oozing out from them.

Mu Anan pursed her lips subconsciously, feeling guilty for biting him too much.

She just thought that Seventh Master’s collarbone was too beautiful.

This man had always been a suit.

The top button of his shirt was buttoned up, and he did not unbutton it easily.

His tie was also neatly tied

He was upright and abstinent.

He’s the flower of the high country.

At that moment, Mu Anan felt that this man was too dangerous. If someone saw him, he would definitely be wanted.

She had to brand him first.

“Seventh Master, do you think this bite mark can disappear?” Mu Anan reached out and touched the bite marks on her collarbone with her index finger.

Zong Zhengyu glanced at her. Seeing that the girl was looking down pitifully,

he said, “It’s fine. It’ll disappear in two days.”

Seventh Master said this to comfort the girl.

In the end.

As soon as he said that, Mu Anan looked up subconsciously, her expression

even more aggrieved, “So soon.”

So she bit down so hard it didn’t work?

“How can it be so fast?”

Mu Anan started crying again.

She looked even more aggrieved than before.

Why was it so difficult to leave a mark on this man?

The more Mu Anan thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt.

Seventh Master wanted to comfort the girl, but why she felt more and more aggrieved?

He quickly coaxed her.

He reached out to wipe Mu Anan’s tears, “Be good and stop crying, okay?”

“I bit it because I made up my mind.” Mu Anan said, “I thought, you had such a nice collarbone. If I bite it and get seen, others won’t covet you so easily.”

You are mine!

She didn’t like to be remembered by anyone.

When Mu Anan said this in a wronged tone, the Seventh Master paused for a moment. Then, he seemed to understand why this girl was so pitiful and aggrieved.

She chuckled on the spot.

He reached out and scratched the girl’s nose, “What are you thinking about all day?”

Mu Anan looked aggrieved.

Zong Zhengyu stretched out his hand and pinched it, “Don’t worry, no one else can see it, only you.”

Mu Anan’s eyes widened instantly.

Her heart was beating wildly as she stared at the man in front of her.

What did she just hear?

What did he say?

Only for her to see?

What did this mean?

Mu Anan felt…

She seemed to have been seduced.

Her heart was beating wildly, but it also felt numb, as if electricity was flowing through her heart.

This kind of feeling was more maddening than any other time.

Mu Anan, who had always been smart, was so mad that her mind went blank.

She forgot what she should say and what expression she should use to respond. Compared to Mu Anan’s dazed expression, the man in front of her looked relaxed.

She took a tissue and wiped the tears off Mu Anan’s face.

Then, he got up and sat beside Mu Anan, “Let’s get down to business.”

Mu Anan subconsciously turned to look at the Seventh Master, who was beside her. She accidentally pulled the wound on her back. She did not say anything, but she frowned.

Zong Zhengyu reached out his right hand and scooped her up, placing her on his lap.

“The real Mu Caijie died a year ago.” Seventh Master said, “Back then, when he went to visit Jiang Zhen, the two of them had a conflict. Mu Caijie fell down the stairs and suffered a serious injury to the back of his head.”

Mu Anan nodded, “I guess so.”

She leaned into Seventh Master’s arms.

Although she had conflicts with Mu Caijie since she was young, fighting and fighting over things.

However, he was still her family, so she still felt a little uncomfortable.

“The evidence of Jiang Zhen’s murder has been handed over to the Supervisor’s Court. He was arrested on the spot in the ninth-rank boxing ring yesterday. What awaited him after that was the death penalty.

Mu Anan was unconscious yesterday, so she did not know what happened after that.

From the moment Seventh Master entered the boxing ring to look for her, he had made detailed arrangements with Jianglan City’s Supervisor’s Court.

It was just that in the beginning, because of the bracelet, he did not make a move.

After Song Ting finished dealing with the bracelet in the information room, the people from the Supervisor’s Court had already arrived.

After Zong Zhengyu rescued Mu Anan, the people from the Supervisor’s Court arrived and search the boxing ring.

They found that many of the people inside were carrying the law.

Harboring criminals.

Such a crime was enough to ruin Huo Feng and Jiang Zhen’s reputation. In addition, Zong Zhengyu had submitted a lot of evidence regarding Huo Feng and Jiang Zhen’s crimes.

Two people would not get out alive if they were going to jail.

As for all this, Seventh Master did not tell Mu Anan in detail. He only said one


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