You Are My Starlight

Chapter 731 - 731 Bai Jing's wedding (2)

731 Bai Jing’s wedding (2)

This man was simply too attractive.

It wasn’t just his strange behavior, but also his appearance and height. Even if he just stood there, it was enough to attract attention.

A handsome man crying in front of a Billboard, anyone could make up a 100000-word story about this, right?

“Sir, how may I help you?” The waiter came forward and asked politely.

The crying man suddenly looked up, and the waiter’s little heart was suddenly hit.

What a handsome man.

He had well-defined features and a sexy figure. She didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose, but his shirt was buttoned very low, revealing his pecs.

The man looked up at her, then lowered his head and said.

“Don’t worry about me, just let me be a beautiful man in peace, Yingying.”

eh, eh, eh. the waitress was stunned. After a while, she said, ” but, the wedding is about to start, eh, eh? ”

“It’s starting?” The handsome man, who was also the boss, roughly wiped his face and put on his sunglasses to hide the fact that his eyes were red from crying.

He said fiercely, ” I want to see what kind of person Xiaojing married!

After he finished speaking, he rushed into the venue in a Huff.

The waiter was stunned for a second before he quickly followed after her. He thought to himself, ” is this something impulsive? ”


After the boss went in, he looked around for suspicious people.

He didn’t know that he actually looked the most suspicious.

“Who are you looking for?” A pleasant voice came from behind him.

It was a familiar voice.

The boss turned around and saw the Black Butler wearing a Black Casual suit with a plaid shirt and black pants. He looked at him with both hands in his pockets.

The boss could only use the word ‘a hundred emotions’ to describe his feelings when he saw his former love rival.

“What are you doing here?” The boss said.

The Black Butler raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, ” Xiaojing invited me.

of course, I know that you’re only here because Jing invited you. I mean, Yingluo. before he could finish his sentence, a few staff members suddenly rushed up to him.

Two of the security guards were holding police batons. They stood beside the boss, but they were 1.7 meters tall. They were a head shorter than the boss, so they didn’t look as imposing.

The boss looked at them in confusion and asked, ” what are you guys doing? ”

Although he was asking a question, it seemed more threatening with his muscles.

“This, this is a wedding. You, you calm down!” The security guard said in a trembling voice.

“I’m very calm!” The boss was still confused.

How could the Black Butler not understand? he rubbed his forehead, showed a friendly smile, and said, ” I’m sorry, there might be a misunderstanding here.

Compared to the bear-like boss, the tall and thin black Butler was much more friendly.

Even if they were all handsome men, they were also friendly and easy to talk to.

Everyone was looking at him.

The Black Butler smiled. this is my friend. We are friends of the bride, Bai Jing. He said as he handed over the invitation.

The manager took a look and said awkwardly, ” I’m sorry, our staff misunderstood Wanwan. he glared at the waiter who ‘reported’ her.

The waiter lowered his head innocently.

“It’s fine. Can we take our seats now?”

“I’m so sorry, Sir, please come with me.”

After the misunderstanding was resolved, the two of them were arranged to sit together.

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