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Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

Chapter 212 - Chapter 212: Chapter 208: An Old Acquaintance, the Dunn Family’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 212: Chapter 208: An Old Acquaintance, the Dunn Family’s Arch-Enemy

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Roy Lewis was somewhat surprised. First, he and Hugo Camrey were not very familiar with each other, yet Hugo made a special trip for this matter.

Second, how did he know about the Dunns’ situation?

Could it be, he was still pursuing Kiara?

“Mr. Hugo Camrey, would you mind if I asked where this information came from?”

To the best of his knowledge, it seemed that Kiara had just found a very famous psychologist to help with her treatment.

“She is now with the psychologist, who was referred by my uncle.”

Hugo knew that Richelie was very worried, so he made an effort to visit to increase his credibility.

After all, he and Roy were not even friends, and there were even times when they were full of guard and hostility towards each other.

Roy was quite surprised, “Your uncle helped refer her to a psychologist? Are you serious about her?”

Roy’s intuition told him that Hugo had always liked Richelie, but why was he willing to do so much for Kiara too?

Hugo looked into Roy’s scrutinizing eyes, “Master Lewis, if I say that my position towards the Dunns and Kiara is consistent with yours, would you believe me?”

“What’s the reason?”

Roy had very little contact with Hugo, and naturally could not say that he understood him.

I have an old acquaintance who is the sworn enemy of the Dunns.”

Old acquaintance?

Roy suddenly remembered the last time he heard this term; it was in Margareth’s words.

Roy quickly went through Hugo’s resume in his mind.

Graduated with a master’s degree from an internationally renowned university, which meant high intelligence.

Operating internet cafes, indicating a certain understanding of the Internet and related fields.

Being the second son of the Camreys but showing no interest in business, indicating that he was engaged in other endeavors.

He had a lot of involvement with the Dunns, and the recent changes in Dunn’s situation seemed to be related to him, which coincided with Margareth’s intention to deal with the Dunns…

Could it be that Hugo was the Margareth he had collaborated with several times?

If so, did that mean he had discovered his own identity?

Roy had a bunch of questions, but to avoid alarming the enemy, he didn’t ask further and simply nodded to show his belief in Hugo’s words.

“In that case, thank you, Mr. Hugo Camrey, for making a special trip here. If there is anything you need help with in the future, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Seeing that Roy did not raise any more questions, Hugo secretly thought that this had gone a little too smoothly.

He had thought that coming here, he would have to go through a lot of trouble to prove his loyalty.

However, thinking about it, he could understand why. Timmy was the future heir of the Lewis family, and Roy would naturally choose to believe and be more vigilant when it came to Timmy’s safety.

‘You’re too kind, Master Lewis. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”

After delivering the message, Hugo got up to leave.

After all, he and Roy had incompatible auras. Staying any longer made him feel uncomfortable all over.

After seeing Hugo off, Roy immediately called Nathan Caroule.

“Keep a close eye on the Dunns’ movements. Also, dig deeper into Hugo Camrey.”

After giving the instructions, he immediately called Uncle Axel, and the two of them talked in the study for about ten minutes before he went to Richelle’s house with three bodyguards.

At a little past one o’clock, Richelie, who was busy in the bedroom, received a call from Roy.

“I’m outside. Open the door.”

Richelie hurried out to open the door and caught a glimpse of the extra bodyguards with him. She had a vague feeling that Hugo had relayed the message.

“Why did you suddenly come over?”

Roy signaled to the few bodyguards outside the door to go to their posts and

start working, then quickly entered, “Let’s talk inside.”

Once the door was closed, Roy roughly relayed what Hugo had said.

“I’m having someone check on the situation. For the next few days, I’ll temporarily have a few people stationed nearby to guard the area. Be more careful when you come and go.”

Seeing his seriousness, Richelle’s anxiety eased somewhat.

“You decide what to do. If necessary, let Timmy stay at home for a few days…”

When it came to her son’s safety, Richelie was not to be careless.

However, Roy shook his head, “That’s not necessary. Everyone should go about their business as usual. I’ll make sure to arrange for people to protect everyone’s safety.”

Richelle had no choice but to accept his arrangements.

“Should we tell Timmy about this?”

Roy was about to ask Richelle the same question, “What do you think?”

Richelle thought carefully, “Tell all three of them. Let them know the dangers that exist and practice more caution in their daily lives.”

Her children were not greenhouse flowers. This time, she would take the opportunity to teach them a lesson.

Roy had no objection to her suggestion, so that afternoon’s class was temporarily changed to a safety precaution course.

It was also during this time that Roy witnessed Richelle’s extraordinary self-defense abilities and responsiveness.

He couldn’t help but feel more and more impressed. Richelle would probably always be full of surprises!

Timmy, meanwhile, taught his younger siblings some self-defense techniques he had learned from his coach. Richelle laid mats in the back living room where the children practiced combat simulations. In just one afternoon, the children’s self-defense capabilities significantly improved.

Taking advantage of the children’s practice in the back hall, Roy whispered to Richelle.

“Timmy has learned shooting, and his technique isn’t bad. Should Timothy and

Tifanny learn it too?”

Richelle immediately rejected his proposal, “It’s too dangerous. They’re too young and can’t control it, right?”

Roy had considered this issue, “Don’t worry, I have special small firearms for children. Timmy has no problem with it, and Timothy and Tifanny should be fine too.”

Richelle considered for a moment and finally nodded.

“Alright, let them learn.”

After all, children’s physical strength was vastly different from adults’. Even if they knew self-defense techniques, they wouldn’t be much use against overwhelming force.

However, if they wielded shooting weapons, they could overcome this disparity.

Alright, I’ll arrange it as soon as possible.”

It was only then that Richelle remembered the small box in the innermost part of Timmy’s backpack. She had thought it was a toy before, but now she was almost certain it was a self-defense weapon given to Timmy by Roy.

That night, Roy left with Timmy earlier than usual.

Around Richelle’s house, several peerless experts were lurking to ensure the safety of Richelle and her children.

After everything was arranged, Roy went online.

“Are you there?”

Margareth hadn’t appeared since asking for a high price, and Roy guessed that

Ta had gone to gather the information.

After all, information worth billions was not easily obtained.

However, if Hugo was Margareth, then billions wouldn’t be a big deal for him.

There was no need for him to take such a big risk to accept this mission.

Roy remembered very clearly that at first, Margareth had been very decisively refused.

So, what was the reason that changed Ta’s mind?

Could it be because of the old acquaintance Hugo mentioned?

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