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The Strongest Dragon in the Era of Beast Taming

Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Pet Daphne (Seeking Subscriptions!!!)

Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Pet Daphne (Seeking Subscriptions!!!)

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“I have a good feeling about this Titanium Ragdoll, and I think it would be a perfect match for me.”

David Jones slowly suppressed the excitement in his heart, and then looked at the embarrassed Rosalind Louise.

“I can replace the premium part with Star coins or Pet Resources.” David Jones said sincerely.

Variant species are very rare, and two Titanium Gold Ragdolls of variant species suddenly appeared in front of him.

There must be a problem!

Rosalind Louise raised her eyebrows, not expecting that after just over a month, not only had David’s strength skyrocketed, but his wealth had also increased a lot.

“That won’t be necessary, after all, I promised this before.” Rosalind Louise changed the subject and dismissed the idea of teasing him further.

“How about this, call me sister, and I’ll give you the Titanium Ragdoll for free!”

She supported her delicate chin with her right hand, her gaze fixed on David’s face, and her bright eyes filled with a bit of novelty.

“Sister?” David was slightly stunned. Was this the rich woman’s strange hobby?

Instead of becoming an apprentice, you call her sister?

This was completely different from the price he imagined he had to pay. He almost took out the Snow Ginseng from his Star Ring!

David didn’t hesitate and decisively shouted, “Sister!”

Just one sentence would save him millions of Star coins. He could call Rosalind that until she went bankrupt.

As soon as his words fell, Rosalind grinned and said, “Now it’s yours!”

“Really?” David was slightly startled and glanced at Rosalind in surprise, his tone somewhat doubtful.

Did she put in so much effort today just for a sister title?

“Of course. You can make a contract directly now.” Rosalind nodded naturally.

David Jones hesitated for a moment, took out a jade box from the Star Ring, and handed it to her with both hands.

“Is this a gift?” Rosalind looked at the jade box in front of her with a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

As a Senior Alchemist, she knew that jade boxes were used to store precious medicinal materials.

“A small token of gratitude for Sister Rosalind’s care during this time.” David Jones said meaningfully.

He had a vague hunch in his heart that Rosalind’s unusual behavior might have something to do with the Titanium Ragdoll!

“Really? Well, I’ll accept it without being polite!” Rosalind smiled and, without declining, put the gift directly into her Star Ring.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on David’s face.

A gentleman loves money and gets it in the right way. He put five Snow Ginseng sticks in that jade box, which was almost as valuable as an Intermediate class variant species.

He then cast his gaze upon the Titanium Ragdoll in his hand and couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

Having been holding it for so long, this little guy really didn’t have any desire to struggle and even continued to sleep in his hand.

This non-competitive temperament didn’t quite match its identity as a Fire Pet!

As if sensing David’s attention, it opened its gem-like eyes and calmly looked at the strange guy in front of it.

“Do you want to be my pet?” David looked back at its red and blue eyes and asked.

The Titanium Ragdoll hesitated for a moment, and then closed its eyes again.

“What? I can’t see, and I can’t hear!”

David’s expression stiffened. Although it didn’t say anything, David could more or less feel that was its intent.

“Pfft!” A giggle suddenly sounded.

David looked towards Rosalind, who was beside him, and saw her face unchanged, and her gaze towards him even revealing a bit of confusion.

“She definitely laughed just now!” David thought to himself, but didn’t know what to say at the moment.

It seemed that the smooth sailing in the Dungeon had inflated his ego. He even tried to win over a Superior class Pet with just one sentence.

“Will I bother your contract if I stay here?” Rosalind said with interest in a low voice.

Ordinary Trainers either forcefully subdued pets with their Psychic Power and Arcane Force, or used their will to gain the approval of the pets.

Of course, they could also choose both.

She hadn’t seen David’s simple and clear way of getting a pet’s approval before.

“Wait, that Coldjade Snake wasn’t subdued like this, was it?” Thinking of this, Rosalind’s face became quite strange.

“How could it be, you won’t disturb me!” David Jones smiled awkwardly. It seemed that this special way of subduing pets was only suitable for Lolo!

“This Titanium Ragdoll likes flames. You can start from there.” Rosalind whispered tips.

David nodded, and then reached out his finger to poke the Titanium Ragdoll’s cute sleeping face, and then sent his thoughts.

“Do you want to come with me? There will be plenty of flames for you to consume every day!”

But this time, it didn’t even open its eyes!

Looking at the unresponsive Titanium Ragdoll in front of him, David frowned and directly flipped over its hind legs.

Well, it’s a female. It seems that Rainbow is going to have another sister.

“Meow!” The Titanium Ragdoll’s relaxed and soft body suddenly stiffened.

It opened its eyes, and the red pupils stared at David fiercely, as if there were flames burning vigorously in them.

The next second.

A wave of drowsiness suddenly emerged from all over its body. It couldn’t help but close its eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

David blinked in confusion. When did his Dragon Force strengthen into a sleeping pill?

He had only used it once for strengthening, and this little guy was so comfortable that it fell asleep!

“This variant Titanium Ragdoll is a bit special. It likes to sleep a lot, at least 18 hours a day.” Rosalind’s face showed no surprise.

Because of this, she had studied it for two days, but to no avail.

“Why don’t you consider another Ragdoll?”

David looked at the yellow and white striped Titanium Ragdoll and then politely refused with a smile, “No need, this Titanium Ragdoll is quite to my liking.”

“Since you’re sure, you can make a contract while it’s still asleep.” Rosalind suggested.

“Let’s nurture it by my side first; I can’t contract a second pet temporarily.” David said somewhat helplessly.

Rosalind looked at David beside her in surprise, “Hasn’t his Arcane Star already reached Class II?”


The Titanium Ragdoll’s ears moved slightly.

Rosalind suddenly uttered a light exclamation, feeling puzzled, “Why did it wake up so early this time!”

According to her experience, this sleeping Titanium Ragdoll wouldn’t wake up unless it had slept for seven or eight hours!

The Titanium Ragdoll opened its sleepy eyes and looked at David, curiosity mixed with its calm gaze.

“Meow!” o( ‘a ‘ )o (I agree!)

Sensing its thoughts, David’s face showed an unexpected smile.

One strengthening and it was satisfied. It seemed that this little guy was easy to please!

“As usual, once you join the team, you have to have a new name.”

David looked at its red gem-like pupils and pondered for a moment.

“How about Daphne?”

“Meow!”(‘•«•’) (Okay!)

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