The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 2812 - 2812 Chapter 2758 had been premeditated for a long time

2812 Chapter 2758 had been premeditated for a long time

Yun Zhu, who heard Duan Li’s low voice at the entrance of the infirmary, frowned suddenly.

In the infirmary, Duan Li quickly covered her mouth, which was telling the truth.

“Oh…”Bai Shanshan looked as if she had heard some shocking gossip. She stood up and glanced at Duan Li with a sinister smile.

“Hey, Little Chestnut, tell me the truth. The person who kissed you just now, was it yun Zhu from class nine… HMM?”She said with a nasal voice, as she spoke, Bai Shanshan even elbowed Duan Li.

Duan Li pouted and patted Bai Shanshan, trying hard to pretend that nothing had happened. “How is that possible… I, I’m not talking about me!”

Duan Li and Bai Shanshan’s conversation made Yun Zhu, who was leaning against the wall of the infirmary, darken his eyes. He turned around and left the corridor of the infirmary, climbing over the wall at the back of the school.

On Friday, Duan Li picked up her school bag and the clothes she had changed for the past week and boarded the bus from Baoding City to Longmen City.

The long-distance bus was not crowded. Duan Li sat in the back seat and looked out of the window of the bus, which had yet to depart. She sighed softly.

She thought for a long time, but she really could not understand why yun Zhu did that.

Just as Duan Li was puzzled, she placed her school bag, which she regarded as important to her, on her lap and hugged it tightly. She looked out of the window.

Duan Li suddenly felt her hand being grabbed by a person who came from the bus aisle. The school bag on her lap fell to the ground because she was suddenly grabbed by her wrist and stood up.

Duan Li was turning her head when her beautiful eyes met Yun Zhu’s eyes.

“You…”didn’t he go home first because he violated school rules?

Before Duan Li could say anything, yun Zhu interrupted her. “Follow me.”

After saying that, he grabbed Duan Li’s wrist and pulled her out of her seat.

“Wait! My Things!”Duan Li pulled her hand back. She bent down and hurriedly hooked her school bag and daily necessities, but she was already dragged away by Yun Zhu.

Yun Zhu took Duan Li to another bus and headed to another city in the opposite direction of Longmen City.

Looking at the flowers and trees that flashed past the window, she didn’t know how long she had been sitting there before the bus finally arrived.

Yun Zhu brought Duan Li all the way to the slums of this city. After bypassing countless low-rise buildings, they finally stopped in front of the shabbiest low-rise building.

Yun Zhu had not let go of Duan Li’s hand since the start of the bus. At this moment, she grabbed Duan Li’s hand and walked to the front of the low-rise building. She knocked on the door of the low-rise building.

The door opened and an old man in his forties walked out. The corners of the man’s brows were distinct, and one could vaguely see his youthful handsomeness.

“Little Zhu? The school should be on holiday today. Why are you here…”just as the man was about to call Yun Zhu into the building, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a slender young girl standing beside Yun Zhu. She looked a lot like him.

When Duan Li saw the man, the impulse deep in her heart was completely broken and she roared. She opened her mouth and wanted to blurt out the word “Father”, but she couldn’t.

The man was Duan Li’s biological father, Duan Shi.

Duan Shi’s daughter, Duan Li and Duan Ya, was sentenced to two years in prison for domestic violence. After he was released from prison, he changed his mind and didn’t want to disturb his daughter’s new life anymore. He left Longmen City, he moved into this shabby old slum.

From Duan Shi’s address to Yun Zhu, it was obvious that this wasn’t the first time Yun Zhu came here.

Duan Li looked at her old father, who used to be with a rich woman. Although the family wasn’t good, his father, who used to be well-dressed and beautiful, looked like this now, and she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing down.

“How did you… Live Here…”Duan Li thought that Duan Shi, who had been released from prison, could still lead a good life.

After all, he was Duan Shi’s biological father. The hatred he had for Duan Shi a few years ago had long been ground to a pulp by the passing of time.

“Eh…”Duan Shi stroked his stubble that had not been shaved clean, and a bitter smile appeared on his weathered face. “Let’s not talk about this. Quickly enter the house and have a seat…”

“Oh right, Li… Li Li, how is Yaya Doing Now?”Duan Shi could not help but ask when he thought of his youngest daughter.

“My younger sister is doing very well. She is studying very well. The teacher said that she will be able to get into a good high school in the future if she keeps her grades stable,”Duan Li said as she looked at Duan Shi.

“That’s good… come in first. The house is a little shabby, you…”Duan Shi slowly moved his body. He was about to bring Duan Li and Yun Zhu into the house when Yun Zhu grabbed his hand.

He turned his head in a daze, but he heard yun Zhu bow deeply to him in front of Duan Li:

“Father-in-law, please hand over Little Chestnut’s future to me, I like her!”

A long-planned liking.

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