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Chapter 354 – the end

In the garden of the crown prince’s residence …

Her exquisite face was pale and thin, causing her originally beautiful face to appear even more dazzling and pitiable. Her pair of bright, starry eyes seemed to fill the starry sky, and the circulating light captivated the heart and captivated the soul. At this moment, she was lying there like a otherworldly fairy, yet also exuded the fatal allure of a seductress.

Beside the woman, there was a soft couch. On it lay a man wearing black clothes. The man had his eyes closed, and his sharp face was much gentler because he had them closed. However, looking at his face, one could tell how sharp his eyes would be if he had opened them.

“Today’s sunlight is truly great. Yufeng, can you feel it?” Shang didn’t expect to see no response from Leng Yufeng, who was lying on the soft couch. He looked up at the blazing sun in the sky and his eyes dimmed.

If they had been infected by it, who knew what would happen if they had, but they did not expect Leng Yufeng to stop them for their sake. Although Leng Yufeng had also rushed out of the hall in the end, he was still touched by the poison in Ann’s blood. When she woke up, she saw the unconscious Leng Yufeng. Ye Yi Zhe said that Leng Yu Feng was eroded by the insect poison. Every day, he would treat him and the situation would slowly turn better, but Leng Yu Feng had never woken up. Originally, he knew that Leng Yu Feng’s state of mind wasn’t very stable, but the child inside his body had already suffered so much that it had consumed Ye Yi Zhe’s entire body’s medical skills. If he didn’t pay more attention to this child, he really wouldn’t be able to keep it alive, so now Shang Xin maintained a peaceful state of mind every day, nurturing the child and waiting for Leng Yu Feng to wake up.

“Xin Er!” Ye Yi Zhe walked over with a bowl of medicinal porridge. With a gentle voice, he asked, “Mother just made the medicinal food. Which do you want to use?” Even though he was pregnant, Shang’s appetite had not only gotten smaller, although there was no reaction like vomiting, but he had also lost a lot of weight. Since he had only been pregnant for three months, his stomach had not moved at all, but now Shang’s appetite had been meticulously taken care of by a few men, including Emperor Shang.

Shang Xin smiled helplessly. Among these people, she was the only one who could do anything to Yi Yin. Every time she ate, she would scream out loud, causing Shang’s heart to be in turmoil.

Ye Yi Zhe stepped forward to help Shang Bin up. He was relieved to see Shang uninterested in drinking the porridge.

“I’m just pregnant, not broken arms or legs …” These days, he had been taken care of too well. If not for his severe refusal, he was sure that even if he were to eat, he would still be fed by a few men.

“What are you talking about? You will be healthy and healthy, and your baby will be born safe and sound! ” Huanmo Che quickly interrupted. The originally gentle man had become superstitious, and along with him came Nangong Qian and Han Xuanhao.

“Is everything settled?” Although the Western Regions had been taken into Shang’s national territory, there were still a lot of questions left behind. Originally, the few men did not care about accompanying Shang throughout the day, but later, when they saw that the Emperor was almost exhausted, they took turns to take care of things and came back on time every day to eat.

“Un, very simple!” As Nangong Qian spoke, he sat beside Shang Wuxin and put his hand on Shang Wuxin’s stomach. He was very careful, “Has the child messed with you today? If you need anything, just let the servants be the ones to handle it.

The men did not say anything, but they agreed with Nangong Qian’s words. Although Shang did not have the heart to be pregnant, nor did they have the heart to follow him, this did not mean that they had no principles.

Even if he did refute, it would be useless. If these men could not do anything to him, then they would definitely come looking for the Emperor of Shang and Yinyin. Shang had experienced this before, this kind of sweet burden was not only pleasing to Shang but also pleasing to the heart.

“He’s still young and can’t move yet!” Shang was not in the mood to talk about the child in his womb. It had only been three months, yet it was not only Shang who had a baby, even the other men would occasionally communicate with the child in his womb.

“She must be a cute girl!” Han Xuanhao said with a face full of desire, “This child must have been born with a beauty like Xin Er. When the time comes, I will definitely dress our daughter up beautiful!” Han Xuanhao had fantasized about this desire countless times before.

“Daughter? “What if he gave birth to a son?” Looking at the expressions of the other men, it was obvious that the men all wished to have a daughter in their womb, but she could not guarantee regarding gender. She did not know why these men all liked their daughters, but the same was true for the Emperor and Yiyin. They had always said that this was their good granddaughter.

“It must be my daughter!” After all, all of them wanted a daughter to be pampered. But if it was a boy, wouldn’t that mean that there was another man coming to snatch Shang’s heart?

Shang Gong had already stopped discussing the child’s gender. At this moment, Ye Yi Zhe was checking Leng Yu Feng’s pulse as usual. The few of them calmed down and waited until Ye Yi Zhe let go of Han Xuan Hao and asked: “How is it? When will Yu Feng wake up? ”

Don’t ask why Han Xuanhao was so anxious, not only because he was worried about Leng Yufeng, but because the wedding was already being prepared for the six of them. However, if Leng Yufeng did not wake up, how could the wedding be held? The few men did not want to let Shang down, so they felt that a woman’s wedding could not be lacking.

“The Gu poison in my body has been cleared. As for when I wake up, I need Yu Feng’s will!” In order to fully treat Leng Yufeng, he had to take out his many years of hidden treasures. Fortunately, this Gu poison had finally disappeared, otherwise … That day when Shang Wuxin fainted, it truly frightened them and made them understand that no matter who it was, they were equally important to Shang, and no matter what happened to them, they must not let anything happen to anyone. This made them firm their resolve to support each other no matter what they encountered in the future, so that no one could be harmed.

“The wedding will be arranged as usual!” After which, he got up from the soft couch and Nangong Qian helped him up. Although Shang didn’t need his help, these men were very careful when they saw Shang’s actions.

“Yu Feng, we’re going to be married soon, if you don’t wake up, you can’t blame me for your regret in the future. Moreover, the child is growing day by day, if you don’t wake up and talk to him, you better be careful that he might come out and not marry you!”

Even though it was a threatening remark, the men felt their hearts skip a beat. No matter how well Shang adjusted his mood, when facing Leng Yufeng, they could see how upset he was.

“What are you guys doing there, time to eat!” Yinyin walked over as she spoke. She could feel that the atmosphere was not right. She went up to Shang Wuxin and pulled her close, “Today, is my obedient granddaughter obedient? Come and let grandma have a look!”

Speaking of this, Yinyin and Emperor Shang had even argued before. One called himself grandma and the other called himself grandpa, both saying that she was his good granddaughter but refusing to say that she was his granddaughter. Looking at the two old men arguing happily, Shang did not have the heart or the intention to deny their title.

“Mother, if this child was born, he would definitely be spoiled by you!” Shang Chen was not in the mood to allow Yi Yin to lead him to the main hall. Nangong Qian, who was behind them, pushed up the soft couch. There were wheels under the soft couch.

“My dear granddaughter needs to be spoiled!” At this time, Emperor Shang also came to the crown prince’s mansion. As long as there was time, he would come to the crown prince’s mansion, making the already deserted palace even more deserted. Even the chefs in the palace were much more relaxed now.

The group of people chatted and laughed as they headed towards the main hall …

— —

The clear sky and white clouds filled the air. Every commoner was brimming with curiosity and joy, because today, someone was sitting in a carriage and sprinkling candy and silver onto the sides of the street.

Every household, and even every merchant’s door, was covered in red silk. The road from the palace to the crown prince’s residence was covered in expensive carpets, on top of which were red petals. There were guards standing on the road, but these guards were all wearing black robes.

Today was the day of the wedding of Prince Shang to five men. Prince Shang had married from the Crown Prince’s Palace, and the wedding was in the palace.

At this time, Shang Wuxin was already sitting in her bridal dress in the crown prince’s mansion. Although this marriage was different from the others as she seemed to be both married and married, she was still wearing her wedding dress and did not have a veil over her head. Meanwhile, a few men came from the imperial palace to escort her.

“Sister-in-law, are you nervous?” At this moment, Nangong Lian was sitting with Shang Wuxin. She was already a mother to a child, but seeing the beautiful Shang Guanxin before her, she could not help but feel amazed. She felt that her royal brother was blessed.

Shang could not help but shake his head. At first, he was truly nervous, but at this point, he was no longer nervous. He knew that he was married to those five men, and so his heart was filled with yearning and sweetness.

Since Shang Bin was pregnant, the wedding was grand and luxurious. However, the steps he needed to complete could save him a lot of time and effort, so that Shang could not feel the slightest bit unsuitable for fatigue.

“The groom is here!” The voices of Steward Hai and the others came from outside, and there were even sounds of congratulations. Although it was noisy, it did not affect Shang’s mood.

The door to the sleeping quarters was opened, and the hoarse voice of the man who walked in first shouted, “Xin’er!”

Suddenly, he broke into a bright smile, as if his whole body was soaked in the rain. He was obviously a tough guy, but when he wore a red wedding robe, he did not seem surprised at all. “You’re here!”

“Yeah, it’s not too late!” Leng Yufeng said with a smile as he moved aside to allow the other men into the hall.

When they saw Shang’s lack of interest in sitting there, even though their hearts had already been built, they were still astounded. The woman was dressed in a fiery red wedding dress, accentuating her snow-white skin like porcelain. Her black hair was tied into a bun, forming a delicate hairpin. A phoenix crest fluttered in the dark. Her eyebrows were curved like the crescent moon, and her nose was straight and pretty. Her lips were like a flower ready to bloom, because today, she had ordered rouge. Her lips were suffused with a bewitching red hue, giving her a sort of charm.

Shang was not in the mood to look at the few men. They were all dressed in red gowns and exuded different auras. The rings on their chests were now in their hands and they looked at him lovingly, never changing.

“Thankfully, I met you two …” Shang stretched out his hand and handed himself over to the men.

“Thank you, we met you …” Several men stretched out their hands and gave all their love to this woman.

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