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Chapter 208: Fainted

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“Just a little bit of blood can make people so powerful?” Ye Xingchen was skeptical. There was probably a little exaggeration in it.

“Only those in the M Nation know if it’s an exaggeration, but almost all the superpowered people in the world believe it now. Once they get a taste of the sweetness, countless people will kill monsters to improve their strength.”

“However, the number of monsters discovered and estimated is tens of thousands of times more than the number of superpowered people we know. Most of the monsters come from the sea.”

“There’s a limit to what a person can do. I really think that you’re a talent, so we should continue to surpass ourselves through cooperation. There’s no difference between blindly closing our doors and isolating ourselves from the world. As the saying goes, ‘Picking the stones of other mountains to attack jade, accepting the strengths of other schools to strengthen ourselves.’”

After talking for an hour, the two of them stopped. Ye Xingchen was not in a hurry to agree. Li Wenchan also gave him time to consider.

After a while, when everyone had officially arrived, the officials came out to announce something to everyone.

“Everyone, stay here for a few days. The seeds will take some time to prepare.”

“Not ready? Why did you ask us to come if you weren’t ready? Do you know how precious our time is?” Some people were immediately unhappy. What kind of attitude was this from the officials?

“Do you still think this is the past? We’re no longer ordinary people who can be manipulated by you.”

“Friends, please calm down. Please forgive us for our lack of hospitality. Please stay here for a few days. When the time comes, we will definitely hand over the seeds.” Not only was there not a trace of anger in his words, but he kept apologizing to them and was filled with a humble attitude.

This was unimaginable before the apocalypse.

Based on the number of people in the base, the officials had allocated a small warehouse-type building for each base. The rooms were enough for everyone to live together. Chen Jian’an and the others happened to be next to Ye Xingchen.

Late at night, Ye Xingchen tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep.

“Sijia, do you think the officials will really be so kind as to give us seeds?”

“The official organization is too weak. They don’t even have a few superpowered people. Where did they get the nerve to deal with so many bases at the same time?”

“But there’s something wrong with this matter. Logically speaking, he can’t wait for our bases to run out of food. When that time comes, there will always be superpowered people asking for help from him.”

“Okay.” Ye Xingchen didn’t think too much about it. He looked at Little Black lying on the ground, closed his eyes, and prepared to sleep.

On the other side, in Li Wenchan’s room, a total of 15 people were sitting together to discuss important matters.

Rather than calling it an alliance, it was more like Li Wenchan wanted to attach himself to Ye Xingchen’s forces. Now, everyone knew that Ye Xingchen’s base was full of powerful people and no one dared to offend him.

“What do you think of Ye Xingchen?”

“This person is very secretive. In the group of people who came with him today, only Zhao Hao’s ability is public information. To be able to kill Gao Qiwen, they must be extremely powerful people. When I got close to them, I felt a strong sense of vigilance in my heart.”

“Jinghai City is now a place where numerous forces are fighting for supremacy. There are also people hiding in the dark and waiting for the spoils. We have to find a strong enough partner to better deal with the challenges we will face next.”

Li Wenchan was really ambitious, but this coincided with Ye Xingchen’s plan. They all agreed that in order to deal with the disasters caused by mutated creatures in the future, a city would be built with a military base as the basic infrastructure. Their military base would then be able to take on the role of defending the world.

This was a big plan. Ye Xingchen told him he’d discuss it with everyone when he returned to his base.

In the next two days, Ye Xingchen often communicated with the leaders of various bases or some officials. He looked like an academic expert.

Among them, many small bases had expressed their willingness to form an alliance with Ye Xingchen. To put it bluntly, they wanted to rely on Ye Xingchen.

After staying here for a week without any official action, Ye Xingchen felt a little uneasy.

Some base leaders who couldn’t wait had already left, leaving only a small number of people who stayed for the seeds, including Ye Xingchen, who was also curious about what the officials were going to do.

Ye Xingchen never ate the food provided by the officials and only ate the food in his space. However, he did not waste it. He kept the food sent by the officials in his space and returned the empty plates to the person who sent the food.

It created an illusion for the officials that they had finished eating. Everyone did this, including Zhao Hao, Mo Qi, Lin Sijia, Qin Tianming, and the Chen sisters. They were all eating the food given by Ye Xingchen.

They were ready to break out at any time.

Finally, half a month later, Ye Xingchen put the food sent by the officials into the space as usual. However, what made Ye Xingchen feel strange was that this time, there was not only one person who came to deliver the food but three people.

“Bark, Master, I saw a group of people lying on the ground.”

Just after the officials left, Little Black barked at Ye Xingchen. The next second, he heard the movement from the next room, combining it with Little Black’s words, he instantly understood what was going on.

Ye Xingchen thought about it seriously. It was not a good time to have a conflict with them. Then, he gave Zhao Hao and the others a look, signaling them to pretend to faint together.

Just ten minutes after Ye Xingchen and the others pretended to faint, someone walked in. Ye Xingchen clearly heard their conversation through the walkie-talkie.

“Report, everyone in Ye Xingchen’s base has fainted.”

“Bring everyone to the room we prepared beforehand.” A dignified voice came from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

“Hmm? Taking us away? Could it be that they want to…”

As they spoke, the group of people put them on their shoulders and carried them away.

“This Zhao Hao is so heavy. Is his body made of titanium alloy?” The person in charge of taking Zhao Hao away was tall and burly. His muscles were well-defined, but even so, he walked very slowly. In the end, it was another person who carried Zhao Hao away.

“Zhao Hao is indeed the number one expert in their base. It’s said that his body is invulnerable. Even if he’s injured, he can heal instantly. He’s already far ahead of many superpowered people on the path of evolution. If we can… Forget it, let’s go.”

Perhaps the existence of superpowered people affected the interests of those with high status and power. They were afraid of superpowered people. They used to be high above and dominated everything. Now, money and power have become meaningless in front of superpowered people. Therefore, they wanted to control those with superpowers at all costs..

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