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Chapter 2533: We’ll Stick Together. Always.

Alviss had called himself a burden, so it seemed logical for Ning Shu to assume that he probably still feared being abandoned.

However, Ning Shu felt that even if she did abandon Alviss, he could still survive on his own. She couldn’t explain why; that was just how she felt.

Ning Shu didn’t know how Alviss had lived after the original host died.

Since Vivian liked Alviss, she probably didn’t abandon him…

“We’ll stick together. Always. Even if we die, we’ll do that together, too,” Ning Shu firmly said to Alviss.

The original host had greatly regretted leaving Alviss and getting her own life tricked away from her.

Alviss stared at Ning Shu with his azure eyes. His face was so pale that he looked a little transparent. He said, “Yes. I’ll always be with you, Sister.”

Ning Shu smiled at Alviss. It was no wonder that the original host was so worried about her younger brother. Alviss really was a precious and lovely little darling.

Ning Shu continued to live out the same routine every day. Each morning, she would roam the area to scavenge.

There were always some unscrupulous people who wanted to steal from her, but of course, Ning Shu always dealt with them. She never bothered to act polite with these people.

She looked at the endless mountains of garbage around her. In her heart, she wondered if she could use these piles of garbage to deal with the people who’d come to find mental strength on this planet.

Trying to steal a spaceship was a really difficult and dangerous feat.

However, if the people of Planet Sehlde united, they might just be able to kill those scouts.

Alas… The people on Planet Sehlde had only fanatical desire and worship for people who came from other planets.

They would beg these people to take them away.

Would they even dare to rebel against them?

Ning Shu felt stuck. She couldn’t accomplish anything by herself.

However, the others wouldn’t necessarily listen to her, either.

Ning Shu glanced around. Many other people, besides herself, were bent over and digging through the garbage mountains. If all of them united, they’d definitely be able to kill those scouts.

Those scouts had killed Alyssa and many other people from Sehlde. There was much of their kins’ blood on their hands.

They needed to pay. They should either die on Planet Sehlde or live here for the rest of their miserable lives. Ning Shu wanted them to feel what life is like on Planet Sehlde.

It was a beautiful aspiration, but one that was very difficult to make come true.

The sun was scorching today. After living here for a while, Ning Shu had gotten used to the weather. She simply wiped off her sweat.

Ning Shu put the edible things that she’d found in her bag. She’d found some stale and partially rotten fruits.

Although the fruits were rotten in some places, there were still portions of them that were good to eat. She planned to take them back home and wash them, then dig out the rotten parts so she and Alviss could eat the rest.

Ning Shu: I am such a diligent, thrifty little angel.

Ning Shu found a few big barrels, so big that they were about the same height as her. They were all just lying around in the messy area.

Some of them were broken, revealing the dense, pungent black substance that they contained.

Ning Shu grabbed an object to poke at the substance. It was sticky, a bit like asphalt.

She didn’t know what the hell it was.

“Hey, you can’t eat that thing!”

A child, who was standing on a garbage mountain, shouted at her. Ning Shu turned her head towards him and raised her eyebrows. This kid was part of the gang of rascals that often tried to rob her. However, he now kindly warned her not to eat this substance. What was his name again? Ning Shu seemed to recall that it was Mach.

Seeing Ning Shu’s lack of response made the child think that Ning Shu didn’t believe him. He ran down towards her from the garbage mountain and pointed at the barrel.

“This thing can’t be eaten. Everyone who ate this died,” he said.

It was pitch black, thick, and sticky. Who would eat this kind of thing?

“I wasn’t going to eat this thing. I’m just taking a look at it.”

Ning Shu poked the black substance with her hand. It was oily and sticky.

It was probably some kind of waste product.

Ning Shu had never made contact with other planets since she first arrived here. She didn’t know what life was like on other planets, and could only guess based on what she knew from the original host’s memories.

Ning Shu stared at the barrels of waste. Inwardly, she made up her mind and decided to take them back home. She wanted to study what use they could have.


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