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People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 449 - Chapter 449: Encountering Monsters! (4)

Chapter 449: Encountering Monsters! (4)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation | Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“We need more help!!”

“This side. Come quickly!”

At first, all the students behind were initially timid, but after getting united as one. Courage surged within them to fight against the monsters.

Zhao Yu scanned the area; the number of ape-like monsters was only about thirty.

Compared to the over a thousand humans on the field, their number was pitifully significant.

Even so, there were dozens of bodies lying haphazardly on the grassland. Humans, long accustomed to peace, had forgotten how to fight with bare hands.

After a brief period of discussion behind, many joined the battle to carry out some tactic.

The situation on the field changed in an instant.

Each ape-like monster was restrained by at least ten male students.

The crowd at the entrance had significantly diminished, with only some girls still pushing their way inside.

Most of the boys had run up to help.

Zhao Yu noticed some boys were coming out of the building with their DIY weapon in their hand.

“Aren’t you going to help?!”

The male student beside him asked hesitantly.

Zhao Yu shook his head without speaking.

The boy felt uneasy and did not ask further, troubled by his conscience.

Even so, he breathed a sigh of relief, as if he just escaped death.

“Just Die, damn it!”

The raging shouts from below caught Zhao Yu’s attention, and he quickly checked out the situation.

The group of tough guys was unexpectedly riding on the ape-like creature, their fists keep pounding down like fiery wheels.

Others around him were holding onto the creature’s legs and arms, forcefully restraining it from moving.


Zhao Yu noticed a streak of white light flashing atop the ape-like creature being pummeled by the tough guy. In the blink of an eye, it split in two, with one part entering the tough guy’s body.

The remaining white light was compressing under an invisible force into a coin.

The coin was too small for Zhao Yu to see clearly before it fell to the ground and disappeared from sight.

“It’s dead, it seems to be dead!”

The leading tough guy seemed to sense something unusual. At this moment, his hands were bloodstained, but he was feeling an unknown power surging’ through his body.

With that, the group moved out with the rough guy on restraining the other ape-like monsters.

With the power surging within the body of the leading tough guy, he charged towards the other ape-like monsters like a hunter.

A few people still remained at the corpse of the ape-like monsters to ensure it was dead.

“What was that white light?!”

A male student nearby asked in surprise.

Clearly, he too had noticed the anomaly.

“I don’t know!”

Zhao Yu continued to observe from top.

At this moment, a several girls ran up to their floor.

“Why are the two of you here, go down and help!”

As soon as they entered, they started shouting.

The boy beside Zhao Yu immediately looked embarrassed and could only turn to Zhao Yu, as if he was in charge there.

Zhao Yu glanced at the girls, “If the monsters were to come up here, having the two of us here would surely be better than you girls facing them alone, right?!”

With that, the girls quickly responded, “It’s okay, just stay here…”

They stood nervously at the door, seemingly ready to close it at any moment.

Zhao Yu shook his head and continued to look down. In a short time, a few more monsters had been killed without cost.

About ten to twenty boys had died, and more than thirty were injured.

Compared to the nearly three to four hundred boys, these casualties were a mere trifle.

With the experience of killing, the leading tough guy seemed to become more ferocious, continuously attacking the monsters with his fists.

Of course, the group behind him assisted him by restraining the monsters’ movement. If he were to fight alone, he certainly wouldn’t be able to kill it easily.

“Keep it up!!”

“Good job!”

Downstairs, many girls poked their heads out, cheering on the boys in the battlefield from afar.

Back in the classroom, many girls have gathered back into the building.

Even several girls were somewhat dissatisfied with Zhao Yu and the boy beside him.

“Big men squeezing in with us…Shameless”

The boy next to Zhao Yu felt a bit embarrassed and looked at Zhao Yu, whispering, “Bro, should we go down and help too?!”

At this moment, more than half of the monsters on the grassland had been killed, and the rest should be manageable.

“In such a situation, it’s our duty. Let’s go, follow me downstairs to fight!”


The surrounding girls were looking at Zhao Yu with a different expression.

Even the boy regretted about his suggestion as he was not expecting Zhao Yu to change his attitude so drastically.

Zhao Yu parted the crowd and walked out of the classroom.

The boy followed closely behind.

The other girls watched their departing figures, unsure of what was happening.

Soon, the two of them reached the second floor, but Zhao Yu turned towards the corridor.

The boy was startled and quickly asked, “Bro, aren’t we going down to help?!” “The fight will be ending soon, what’s the point of going down now?!”

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