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Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely

Chapter 678 - Chapter 678: Borrowing Evil Eyes from President Feng Yun

Chapter 678: Borrowing Evil Eyes from President Feng Yun

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Sect Master Lei also tried his best to persuade him.

After all, the Five-Element Battle Dungeon had been passed down for thousands of years. Other than the masters of their great-ancestors who had gone there once and failed, no one else was even qualified to enter.

“Oh? Is it dangerous inside?”

Chu Bai’s interest was piqued as well. At first, he thought that these people were setting up a trap to harm him, but the way they looked at him was not fake.

“It’s indeed very dangerous inside. You have to be careful. Ordinary people can’t see through the dangers in the Five-Element Battle Dungeon.”

Sect Master Lei continued to explain.

“Once the Five-Element Battle Dungeon is activated, those who have received the mission can go. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a team or not. Once an outsider activates it once, it’ll be permanently opened and everyone can enter.”

Sect Master Lei revealed even more explosive news.

When the players present heard that there was a dungeon to run, they were all extremely excited.

Just now, everyone had seen that the five sect masters were very strong. This Five-Element Battle Dungeon was their sect’s secret treasure, so it must be a good opportunity.

Feng Ling Dynasty looked at Chu Bai immediately, hoping to get the location of the Five-Element Battle Dungeon.

The people from World of the Slashing Sword were also staring at Chu Bai. At this moment, he had become a hot potato.

The members of the other guilds also turned their gazes to Chu Bai. Everyone was looking forward to him immediately activating the Five-Element Battle Dungeon.

However, Chu Bai only took out the talisman from Feng Bai’s body and put it into his backpack. “Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll accept these. No matter what happens in the future, I’ll choose a day to activate this Five-Element Battle Dungeon.”

Chu Bai said this to give the people around him an explanation.

Just as he finished speaking, Chu Bai had already slipped away.

Everyone wanted to chase after him, but no one dared to.

Chu Bai, who had returned to the town, opened the match rankings again.

Yu Qingyu had already occupied the first place for a long time.

The second place was Emperor.

Chu Bai did not expect that Shadow would start her own ranking journey, and her ranking would be so high.

He called Lu Yufan over and asked, “So, are you planning to participate in the individual ranking competition?”

Lu Yufan sighed. “I wanted to take advantage of the time before the ranking competition started to level up in the wild. I didn’t expect that the monsters in the wild seemed to have been reserved by others in advance.”

Lu Yufan’s sigh stunned Chu Bai.

Everyone should be participating in the ranking competition. Who would be so bored to go to the wilderness?

Just as he thought of this, Chu Bai immediately thought of Breeze Pavilion.

It seemed like their guild was not participating in this ranking competition. They were plotting something.

Moreover, Feng Ling Dynasty had once gone to the wild to kill monsters.

It seemed that the various large guilds had set up spies in the outer perimeter to obtain the rewards that everyone was relaxed about.

“You’re only level 51, so you do need to level up. Everyone’s level is generally around level 49, so I believe they’ll be level 50 soon.”

Chu Bai looked up Lu Yufan’s information and did not expect her level to increase so slowly.

“Yeah, there’s no one to help me level up. Recently, you’ve been very close to Yu Qingyu, giving her equipment and playing with her.”

Lu Yufan’s sour tone woke Chu Bai up.

“Haha! I forgot about you, but you’re very strong! Think about it, you’re the number one mage in the gaming world!”

Chu Bai continued to flatter her.

However, Lu Yufan pursed her lips and said, “What about the person from Merica Nation? It’s not like you don’t know about him. The spells chanted from his book are much more powerful than mine.”

At the mention of this, Chu Bai immediately sent a message to Feng Yun: [Which floor are you at with the Evil Eyes?]

Feng Yun did not expect Chu Bai to send him a message. He was stunned for a moment before replying subconsciously: [I’m at the eighth floor now.]

[You’re still very far from the end. Lend them to me first. I have something to study.]

Chu Bai’s words made Feng Yun even more confused.

Was something wrong with this guy?

He wanted to take back what he already sold?

However, he suddenly thought of the Five-Element Battle Dungeon.

Feng Yun had no choice but to say: [Alright, I’ll trade with you. Remember to return them to me when you’re done.]

[Don’t worry, I’ll help you clear a few floors for free.]

Chu Bai was also a kind person, so he retrieved the six Evil Eyes.

Lu Yufan saw his series of mysterious actions and said, “Are you crazy? Don’t you understand what he wants?”

Lu Yufan felt that Chu Bai was out of his mind. He and Feng Yun were competitors, but now he trusted him so much and gave him this information. What would happen if they argued in the future?

“We’re all here to play the game. What’s the big deal? Let’s go, 1’11 bring you to a good place.”

Chu Bai held Lu Yufan’s hand, and the two of them stepped into the Mud Granny’s Dark World.

As soon as she entered, Lu Yufan was immediately stunned by everything in front of her.

“This… This is the follow-up to the Xie Tian dungeon! You and Yu Qingyu came here too, right?”

Lu Yufan guessed correctly.

Chu Bai nodded and said, “That’s right. The last time we came here, we encountered my Light of My Faith. That kid came here to get something, but I took it.”

Chu Bai’s words made Lu Yufan even more envious. “Looks like you came in today to give me a treasure. Let me tell you, I won’t even look at anything that isn’t at the holy seal level.”

Lu Yufan wanted the best equipment.

Chu Bai really wanted to ridicule her. Recently, even if he exhausted himself to death, he only obtained one or two pieces. They were all for his own use.

He was not equipped with the best things yet, but Lu Yufan wanted to use the very best.

“Forget it, don’t worry about it. You’re stronger than me with this anyway.”

Chu Bai said casually.

Lu Yufan did not understand what he meant, so she could only follow Chu Bai’s footsteps.

As soon as he arrived near the entrance of the maze, Chu Bai saw many traces left behind.

It seemed that the people from the Hall of Souls had been grinding here for a very long time.

“Hey, someone else has been here before, right? Doesn’t that mean that everything has been taken away?”

Lu Yufan was a little unhappy when she saw the traces. She did not expect that she was still a step too late.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to take anything good. There should be something else hidden here.”

Chu Bai continued to rummage through his surroundings. At this moment, a flower by his feet caught his attention.

“This flower looks very magical!”

[Thousand Silk Flower. Level: 0. Grade: None. A type of flower that only blooms in the evening. It will grow randomly in any place. Its use is unknown.

Attribute: Unique.]

Thousand Silk Flower?

“This flower is quite beautiful. I’ll collect it first.”

Chu Bai put the flower into his backpack.

Lu Yufan wanted to take a few more glances, but Chu Bai had already taken it away, so there was nothing she could do.

The two continued walking for a while, passing through the castle and arriving at a forest area.

The forest here was very large, and the wind was very strong.

“Looks like there’s a treasure hidden inside.”

Chu Bai immediately saw the golden light that flashed in the depths of the forest..

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