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Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2174 - Chapter 2174: Chapter 2174-sakra

Chapter 2174: Chapter 2174-sakra

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Ren qianxing was seated at the head of the main hall of the palace as he lazily fiddled with the jade cup in his hands. He lifted his head slightly and cast a glance at Hua Chi as he asked, you all know why I’m here. But I’ll say it again!

“I like Hua Rou, marry her to me!”

The expressions of Hua Chi and the other members of the Hua clan changed.

Indeed, Ren qianxing’s visit was for Hua Rou.

Hua Rou was Hua Chi’s youngest daughter. She was a famous beauty in the Imperial Dragon City.

As for Ren qianxing, he had always been pursuing Hua Rou.

Originally, with Ren qianxing’s talent and status, he was indeed worthy of Hua Rou.

However, Ren qianxing was a Casanova by nature. Right now, he had already married a wife and three concubines. Furthermore, it was said that Ren qianxing was only interested in novelty. After having fun with the concubines he had married, he didn’t care about them anymore and went off to look for his next target.

How could Hua Chi possibly marry his daughter to such a person?

Moreover, Ren qianxing’s master was sakra, who occupied the Imperial Dragon City and controlled the higher-ups of the Dragon Alliance. Based on this point, he would never marry his daughter to Ren qianxing.

Furthermore, Hua Rou herself was also extremely disgusted with Ren qianxing.

young master Ren, marriage is a major event. It concerns my daughter’s lifelong happiness. Rou ‘er needs to make her own decision. We won’t interfere!

Hua Chi said.

“Hua Chi, what do you mean?”

“Are you saying that Hua Rou won’t be happy if she follows me?” Ren qianxing’s face turned cold.

It would be a wonder if she would be happy!

Hua Chi and the other members of the Hua clan all thought the same thing, but they naturally did not say it out loud.

“Young master Ren, you misunderstood me. That’s not what 1 meant. What I meant was that Rou ‘er needs to make her own decisions!”

Hua Chi explained.

what a joke. Since ancient times, it has always been the parents ‘orders and the matchmaker’s words. As long as you give the order, how would Hua Rou dare to disobey? she still has to marry me obediently.

Ren qianxing’s expression turned even colder as he continued, Hua Chi, don’t give me so many excuses. With my status, I will definitely rule the divine wilderness in the future. 1 might even head to the yuan continent and become an Overlord. For me to be interested in your daughter is her good fortune. It is her good fortune that she has cultivated for several lifetimes. Do you understand?”

Who Do You Think You Are? you really know how to put gold on your face. If people like you go to the yuan continent, you will probably be slapped to death!

At this moment, a voice came from outside the hall. Then, a young and beautiful woman walked in.

The woman was about 28 years old and was in the prime of her life. She was a country-toppling beauty. She was Hua Chi’s youngest daughter, Hua Rou.

“Hua Rou, what did you say? Do you know how much trouble you will bring to the Hua family?”

Ren qianxing spoke in a sinister tone. His sinister gaze roamed all over Hua Ron’s curvaceous body, as an evil glint flashed past his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you going to use your master to pressure us again?”

Hua Rou was extremely stubborn and fearless.

“Why would I need to take my master? I, Ren qianxing, have talent that has never been seen before. If I were to say who I want to marry, the number of women who want to marry me can line up from the northern city gates all the way to the southern city gates. Do you understand? it’s your good fortune that I’m interested in you. Do you understand?”

Ren qianxing replied, filled with confidence.

“This is unprecedented. You really know how to flatter yourself. In my heart, only my Uncle Lu Ming is the true unprecedented. Who are you?”

Hua Rou said.

“Lu Ming? If he appears, 1’11 kill him with a slap!”

Ren qianxing scoffed. After which, he turned to Hua Chi and continued,”Hua Chi, are you going to agree or not?”

“Since Rou ‘er doesn’t agree, please forgive me for not being able to agree!”

Hua Chi said firmly.

good, very good. In that case, 1’11 get first place in tomorrow’s competition. At that time, I’ll ask my master to arrange a marriage for me. You have to agree even if you don’t want to!

Ren qianxing ruthlessly spat out these words before flicking his sleeves and leaving.

The expressions of Hua Chi, Hua Rou, and the others changed.

If Di Shi Tian personally bestowed the marriage, what would they do?

If they refused sakra, the Hua family would probably be exterminated.

“This despicable man!”

Hua Rou said hatefully, her tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Rou ‘er, don’t worry. Even if I die, I won’t let you marry him!”

Hua Chi said through gritted teeth.

The entire Hua family was filled with worry.

Time flew, and a day passed.

The next morning, Lu Ming and the other three headed towards the center of the Imperial Dragon City.

There was a huge square in the center of Imperial Dragon City, which had been crowded with people.

Around the square, some banquets had already been prepared. Of course, only those with status could sit. Ordinary people were not qualified at all.

“The DI family is here!”

Someone suddenly called out.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, many rainbow lights were flying over from the depth of Imperial Dragon City.

The person in the lead was dressed in an Emperor’s robe. He looked to be in his forties and had a Jade crown on his head. He looked like an ancient Emperor that had come back to life, filled with boundless Majesty.


Lu Ming did not need to think to know that this person was sakra.

There were some people following beside sakra.

A few of them were unusually burly. They were covered in heavy iron armor and were shrouded in black light.

The evil god race!

Lu Ming narrowed his eyes slightly.

These people were all from the evil god tribe. Moreover, one of them had even reached the Martial Emperor realm.

A few young men followed by the side.

that is Ren qianxing, the number one genius of the divine wilderness!

“Ren qianxing’s talent is truly shocking. Some people say that he’s even more talented than Lu Ming in the past. He’s the number one genius in history!”

“Not necessarily!”

The surrounding crowd of people discussed animatedly.

Zhuang xiaorou and Zhuang Xiaoshan were indignant.

“Bright Saint realm!”

Lu Ming’s gaze shifted to one of the youths. This person’s cultivation had reached the initial bright Saint realm. He should be Ren qianxing.

Beside Ren qianxing, there was a young man. It was Li Ke.

Sakra and the others landed on the highest seats and sat down.


At this moment, the roars of Bulls shook the sky. In the distance, a group of divine Bulls the size of mountains stepped through the air, causing the sky to rumble.

As they approached, these divine Bulls all turned into burly men.

The people from the divine ox Palace had arrived.

The people from the divine ox Palace also brought a few young men and landed on the East seats.

Immediately after, the roars of beasts rang out. A few chariots flew over as the beasts pulled the carriages.

The people from the manlong Palace had arrived.

Manlong Dragon Hall also brought a few young men.

The three major forces of the yuan continent had all arrived. The leaders of the three forces looked at each other in the air and a terrifying aura spread out.

An invisible pressure filled the air. Everyone present felt as if they were facing several ancient universes. The suffocating pressure almost made them kneel down.

A wisp of aura emanated from Lu Ming’s body and enveloped fatty, Zhuang Xiaoshan, and Zhuang xiaorou. The pressure on them was lifted, and they heaved a sigh of relief.

third level Martial Emperor? ”

Lu Ming muttered.

The leaders of the three forces stood in a stalemate. Their auras were exuding. Others could not tell their cultivation levels, but Lu Ming could.

Lu Ming had seen many Martial Emperor powerhouses. Based on their auras, Lu Ming could tell that the cultivation of the leaders of the three major forces was at the third level Martial Emperor realm..

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