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My Runes Can Be Upgraded

Chapter 775 - Chapter 775: Exploring the Ruined Tang Secret Realm 1

Chapter 775: Exploring the Ruined Tang Secret Realm 1

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Cheng Rushan asked Wu Wei.

She hoped that Wu Wei could help her enter the Tang Secret Realm to find her brother!

Cheng Rushan’s request was something Wu Wei couldn’t refuse!

After all, the other party had already paid the price long ago.

The four original talismans of the Mammoth Dao Soldier came from Cheng Rushan. [Strength as a Bull] and [Divine Power of the Gods] were considered ordinary, but [Hate Ground No Handle] and [Hate Sky No Ring] were not ordinary.

Therefore, whether it was because of the favor he owed before, the friendship between Wu Wei and Cheng Rushan, or the curiosity about the so-called Tang Mystery Land that had become a purgatory on earth.

Wu Wei would help Cheng Rushan this time.

However, Wu Wei didn’t enter immediately. Instead, he did something first.

Wu Wei needed to upgrade the [Root Absorption Talisman] of the fourth elder first.

Wu Wei had actually wanted to upgrade his fourth brother a long time ago. However, because of the increasing number of things that had happened recently, the matter of the [Root Absorption Talisman] had been put on hold.

Until today, when the fourth brother failed to absorb the [Power of Decay], Wu Wei finally remembered to upgrade the [Root Absorption Talisman] for the fourth brother.

It wasn’t difficult to upgrade this talisman.

With Wu Wei’s current level, after opening a pure wood-attribute private training mystical realm and spending about five Level 6 legend-quality pills, Wu Wei successfully upgraded the [Root Absorption Talisman].

[Talisman: Root Absorption Talisman]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Level: 70]

[Effect: Able to absorb the nutrients of all things and purify them into energy to nourish oneself.]

The attributes were simple, but Wu Wei was very satisfied.

The simpler the attribute, the more complicated the talisman was.

Then, Wu Wei helped Fourth Brother to upgrade the [Root Absorption Talisman],

Since the fourth brother had already fused with this talisman, Wu Wei did not have to wait for his advancement. He could usually make the [Root Absorption Talisman] sublimate.

“Alright, let’s try it now!”

After upgrading the [Root Absorption Talisman] to Legendary grade, Wu Wei handed the wisp of [Decaying Power] to Fourth Brother.

[Your fourth source, [Malnourished Space Tree Sapling], has activated [Root Absorption] on [Decaying Power]. Your spiritual energy limit has increased by 100. You have obtained a wisp of [Decaying Power]!]

This golden finger notification stunned Wu Wei.

Fourth Bro absorbed [Decaying Power] and obtained it?

This was the first time Wu Wei had seen such a situation. He couldn’t help but take a closer look at this so-called [Decaying Power].

After playing with it, Wu Wei realized that the [Power of Decay] absorbed by Number Four’s roots was a little different from the original.

It gave Wu Wei the feeling that it was as dangerous as the original version.

Moreover, if he wanted to, he could absorb the [Decaying Power].

However, Wu Wei felt that it might not be a good thing to absorb this thing. Its attributes were counter to [Power of Thunder]. Why would Wu Wei still need it when he had the power of thunder?

Moreover, with Wu Wei’s current small body, he could not withstand the torment of two different types of seventh-tier spirit essence.

When Wu Wei was looking at [Decaying Power], he suddenly felt that Old Seven had a reaction.

It seemed to be quite interested in this thing.

Wu Wei quickly summoned Number Seven and sent this wisp of [Decaying Power] over.

What Wu Wei did not expect was that Number Seven suddenly did not respond after coming out. No, it was not that he did not respond.

He just felt a little disgusted.

It was as if he had seen the food he wanted to eat fall into an indescribable object.

Although it was greedy, it did not want to eat something indescribable just because of a little food.

If Number Seven didn’t want to eat it, Wu Wei wouldn’t force it.

“Forget it. Since that’s the case, I’ll put this wisp of decaying power in Fourth Brother’s origin space first!

He wanted to see if he could purify the [Power of Decay] and extract the power that Number Seven wanted!”

With that, Wu Wei put Number Seven back.

At the same time, Wu Wei took out a key.

This key was given to him by Cheng Rushan. It was the key she used to enter the Tang Mystery Land.

[Item: Secret key (Great Tang)]

[Description: After using it, you can enter the Tang Secret Realm.]

[PS: Due to the changes in the world of Tang, the location where you enter the mystic realm will change. You may appear in any corner of the mystic realm of Tang.]

SSS: Can only be used by one person.

[Remaining number of uses: 6/7]

And it was a key with a limited number of uses.

Wu Wei took the secret realm key and walked out of the [Training Center] to the [Secret Realm Management Center].

Wu Wei originally planned to ask the old drunkard about the Tang Mystic Realm, but he realized that the old man was not there. No one knew where he went and when he would return.

Wu Wei had no choice but to use the key first.

As soon as Wu Wei chose to use it, the golden finger notification refreshed in front of him.

[Warning, you are about to enter a corrupted secret world. This world is full of danger, and even the rules of the world have changed to a certain extent. Are you sure you want to enter?]

Seeing this warning, Wu Wei could not help but narrow his eyes.

This was the first time a Goldfinger had given a warning before entering the mythical realm.

One could imagine how dangerous this mystic realm was.

However, since Wu Wei had already agreed to enter, he would not back down.

Wu Wei nodded his head, thinking that he would lose the authority of the level-one Divine Book of Heavenly Divination at most..

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