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Chapter 268.2

Chapter 268.2. Ultimately, It’s Just a Doll

A human might be somewhat disappointed at how easily their attacks were deflected, but Hvergelmir, devoid of such emotions from the start, continued to deliver punches one after another.

Miu calmly parried the approaching fists with graceful movements, observing Hvergelmir and furrowing her brows.

“It doesn’t have a single scratch. No signs of regeneration. What’s going on?”

With a provocative and fearless smile, Miu took a step back.

Unfazed by Miu’s words, Hvergelmir accelerated, not only using fists but incorporating kicks, launching a series of attacks.

However, Miu had already adjusted her distance, positioning herself within the range of using magic.

[Soul Awakening]

[Flame Bird III]

[Flame Bird III]


[Initiate Bird]

Two fire-based magics merged to create a bird radiating the brilliance and heat of the sun. The scorching bird should have put anyone in its vicinity in mortal danger, yet Hvergelmir paid no heed and continued its relentless assault.

Thrusting its hand into the blazing flames, Hvergelmir launched kicks and attacked Miu.

Once again, its magical barriers completely blocked the flames, and her attacks didn’t reach Hvergelmir’s body.

“Is its self-preservation ability low… or is it the power of the magic barriers?”

While calmly assessing the enemy’s abilities, I retracted my Radiant Sword and returned it to its original form to counter the attacks.

With each clash between sword and fist, shockwaves rippled through, distorting the space. Amidst this, Miu grasped the enemy’s abilities.

“Magic barriers, huh? But why?”

All of Miu’s attacks were blocked by the immensely powerful magic barriers.

Fire, lightning, and sword strikes, effortlessly deflected everything. In the game, it should have been mere defense.

But Hvergelmir seemed to be in novel format.

-Main Quest: Hvergelmir is protected by the firm laws of the world. Our laws are being repelled-

The menu opened, and additional information revealed its true nature. I see. It possesses the power to repel Mii-chan’s spatial interference.

With that knowledge, the solution was clear.

“In that case, I’ll just have to overpower it!”

I intentionally took Hvergelmir’s attacks on my body.

Despite the punch sinking into her abdomen and causing a hole, she paid it no mind. It was all the same; fundamentally, Miu was no different from Hvergelmir. She didn’t flinch from pain, nor did her movements slow down.

As Hvergelmir attempted to follow up with another fist, I grabbed its body firmly and flashed a cheerful smile.

“For a withered Sacred Tree, Mii-chan Points are quite efficient!”

[Holy Heal]

I used a full recovery magic on Hvergelmir.

Pure white light radiated and permeated Hvelgermír’s body.

The only and absolute weakness of the magic barriers was their inability to withstand recovery magic. No matter how resilient the magic barriers were, following the laws of this world, they couldn’t block it.

“One more time.”

[Holy Heal]

I cast another recovery magic.

Hvergelmir seemed to realize what was happening. Previously emotionless like a robot, it struggled, hitting and kicking Miu and attempting to distance itself.

“Hehe, if you deny my world, I’ll keep giving you Mii-chan’s colored energy until you accept it!”

Even if her arms were broken and her legs shattered, she wouldn’t let go of the hand she had grabbed.

“Tei, one more time!”

[Soul Awakening]

[Holy Heal]

[Holy Heal]

Miu’s energy flowed through Hvergelmir’s body after it received consecutive recovery magic.


The magic barrier protecting its body flickered, and Hvergelmir staggered backward in apparent distress.

As the sound of crows echoed, the desired result was displayed.

-Fv?lgermír: Level 60, Weakness: Fire-

It seemed Miu’s divine realm had permeated Hvergelmir.

“Welcome to Mii-chan’s world, and goodbye!”

I raised my radiant sword towards the staggering Hvergelmir and channeled my magic power.

A tremendous surge of magic swirled around Miu like a tornado, causing the world to tremble with its energy.

“You can’t defeat me with brute force alone, without using martial arts or magic. In the end, you were just a withering doll!”

[Radiant Light Dragon Sword]

The sword descended, swelling and growing gigantic like a dragon, as it devoured Hvergelmir.

The light dragon moved at the speed of light, slicing Hvergelmirr’s body apart. The magic barriers that had provided absolute defense moments ago now crumbled effortlessly.

“Woaaaah… Wooohhh”

Unable to resist, Hvergelmir had its arms destroyed, legs shattered, and head blown away.

The once formidable body was shattered into pieces, raining down upon the ground.

-Killed Hvergelmir-

“While you were an intriguing foe, you were just a bit tough.”

I sheathed my Radiant Sword and proudly puffed her chest. After all, Hvergelmir was only Level 60. In game terms, it was no match.

“…But more importantly, what should I do about this?”

I was turning my gaze to the ground. I found not only the Sacred Tree but also the shrine completely gone. The forest had been cut with a clean, sharp edge.

The hill where the shrine used to be had vanished. That doll had quite the power. Hmm.

-Acquired Hvergelmir’s essence-

-Acquired Mystery Tree Seed-

“Yay! It seems God didn’t abandon Mii-chan! Thank you, God.”

Mii-chan expressed her gratitude to the heavens and smiled triumphantly.

Of course, for Mii-chan, she was the only God. After all, the gods in this world seemed to be interested in gemstones, knowledge, or monsters. Mii-chan was the only choice.

If I can restore the Sacred Tree, I might be able to make things right, right?

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