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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3655 Meal In The Wild

"Master, you're awake? The food has just been prepared and is ready to eat." Qin Xin smiled and said when she saw that she had woken up. 

Feng Jiu took a look and saw that the airship had stopped in the middle of the forest, and other than Qin Xin and Leng Shuang, everyone else was busy outside the airship around the fire.

"What are you doing?"

Feng Jiu asked, and as she walked closer, she saw that they seemed to be cooking. When she saw this scene, she couldn't help but be surprised, especially when she saw that Du Fan and the others had rolled up their sleeves to cook. A smile spread across her face. 

"When everyone saw that it was getting dark, we decided to stop the airship and look for some wild vegetables in the surrounding area." Qin Xin said softly: "Since we brought cooking supplies, everyone said we might as well cook some rice and dishes. Look over there Master, these are the dishes that they have already prepared."

Feng Jiu looked over and saw seven or eight dishes on the table at the bow of the boat. She walked over and took a look, and saw the wild vegetables that Qin Xin was talking about were some matsutake mushrooms. They had also made soup, and they must also have gone to catch some game as well as there was meat, vegetables and soup. The meal was very sumptuous. 

"Master, we are eating rice tonight. We didn't cook any rice porridge. You can eat some rice later or drink some soup if you prefer. You've been eating rice porridge the past few days and I haven't seen you eat much. Everyone was just saying earlier that Master has lost a lot of weight!"

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled: "It looks very appetising, I think I will eat more tonight."

She sat down at the table and said to Qin Xin: "Tell them to come up to eat when they've finished cooking! Otherwise the food will get cold."

"Yes." Qin Xin responded, got off the airship then walked over to everyone. 

Beside the fire, the aroma of food filled the air. Wei Feng turned over the fried meat on the iron plate and asked: "Is your fried meat ready? My fried meat is almost cooked."

"It's nearly ready, nearly ready." Du Fan responded, wiped the sweat with his sleeve. He scooped up the meat in the pot and placed it on a plate, then he handed it to Qin Xin who had come over: "Here, take this up."lightsnovel

Qin Xin took it, then said to everyone: "Master has asked everyone to go up to eat when you've finished cooking otherwise the food will get cold."

Everyone grinned when they heard this: "It's nearly ready, we will be up in a moment. Ask Master to eat first."

One dish after another was brought up to the airship. Gu Mo and Shadow One, who were guarding the surroundings glanced at the fierce beasts who eyed them but daren't approach, then they looked away casually. 

Because they didn't want to be disturbed while they cooked, they had released the pressure in their bodies. Their powerful pressure had almost enveloped the surroundings and those fierce beasts didn't dare to take even half a step closer. As night fell and darkness covered the earth, the fierce beasts wouldn't have missed such a good hunting opportunity otherwise. 

"Let's all go and eat! Let the fire burn." Du Fan said, then he put away everything after he had cleaned them. After he wiped his hands, he walked over to the airship. 

lightsnοvεl Everyone else also cleaned and put away their things, then boarded the airship carrying freshly cooked dishes. The tables were put together and everyone sat in a circle. The scene was very lively. 

"Master, try this matsutake mushroom fried with spirit animal meat. I cooked it for you."

"Master, try this soup, I made it."

"Master, I made this fried meat, it's delicious."


Everyone scrambled to dish out food for Feng Jiu and asked her to try the food that they had cooked. One pair of chopsticks per person dishing out food for her, and within a short while, her bowl was high as a hill. 


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