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Chapter 320-END - 320 A Family of Four

320 A Family of Four

In the end, the representative of Song Corporation only said, “Understood.” Then, he hung up the phone. He stood up and bowed to Mr. Lin, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lin. The company’s plans have changed. I’m afraid we can’t proceed with the contract signing today.”

“Why?” Mr. Lin’s eyes widened. “Didn’t we have a good discussion before?”

“Mr. Lin, if you have any questions, you can contact our president,” the representative said.

With that, he quickly left the scene and even ignored the reporters’ attempts to get interviews.

The crowd was buzzing with guesses. It suddenly became very noisy.

Mr. Lin, who was still on the stage, was so embarrassed that he flipped the table over. Then, two police officers suddenly rushed onto the stage and took him away. He was still in a daze. The scene was chaotic.

Meanwhile, Secretary Gao, who was playing chess and drinking tea in the teahouse, was also suddenly taken away. Unlike Mr. Lin, the person who took him away was from the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

A month later, the two were sentenced separately. Mr. Lin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribery, illegal fundraising, and illegal detention. Secretary Gao was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes, a huge amount of corruption, abuse of power, illegal fundraising, and other crimes.

It turned out that Liu Siyan had found a shell company under Secretary Gao’s brother-in-law’s name, and found concrete evidence of Secretary Gao’s crimes. Although it did not cover all of his crimes, it was a very good breakthrough. After that, with the efforts of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, more and more evidence of Secretary Gao’s crimes turned up. It was enough to sentence him.

Secretary Gao had also confessed that 15 years ago, he had threatened and bribed the forensic doctor to falsify the test results. He was also the one who had ordered the Lin family to carry out the kidnapping. He had aimed to control the Ji family. The Feng family should have taken care of this, but they had wanted to curry favor with the Ji family through Feng Qi’s marriage. Therefore, they had not agreed. After that, Secretary Gao stopped supporting the Feng family and became the Lin family’s backer. They were easier to control.

Director Lin wanted to be rich even in his dreams. That year, they planned to kidnap Ji Wen and take him back to the Ji family a few days later to get in the Ji family’s good books. However, because Ji Lingchen protected his nephew, they only managed to kidnap Ji Xiaoyu. Ji Xiaoyu even accidentally saw their faces. Just as they were about to kill her, Ji Xiaoyu jumped into the sea. A five-year-old child falling into the sea had almost no chance of survival. After two days of searching, they could not find the body. Instead, they found the body of a little girl who had just died. She was wearing the same clothes and shoes as Ji Xiaoyu. They also found the report from the forensic doctor. Who knew that fifteen years later, Ji Xiaoyu would come back alive?

Ever since Mr. Lin was arrested, Lin Rou had disappeared. Because the assets were frozen, Lin Rou could not take many things with her. It was said that when the assets of the Lin family were seized, all the bags in the villa were found to have disappeared along with Lin Rou.

The Ji family was overjoyed when they found out that those two had been arrested. They had finally gotten their revenge and the fifteen years of darkness had finally dissipated. They could finally live a good life. This became the best New Year’s gift the Ji family had ever received.

On New Year’s Eve, the Ji family and the Liu family all gathered at the Ji family’s residence. The mansion was decorated with lights. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and excitement.

Fang Xiaonuan was in the kitchen, wearing an apron and glaring at a fish. She had recently learned how to cook a new dish, and was preparing to kill the fish. Although she never had to blink when she hit people, she was actually stumped by a living fish. The moment she stabbed the fish’s body and saw the blood, she fainted.

The whole family panicked, and quickly called the family’s doctor.

When Fang Xiaonuan woke up, the entire family was looking at her. They were smiling.

“Honey, what’s wrong with me?”

Ji Lingchen’s eyes were red as he held his wife’s hand. “Xiaonuan, we have a little tiger!”

Fang Xiaonuan was stunned for a moment before she realized that she was pregnant!

Her due date was approaching, and the small Fang Xiaonuan now had a huge belly. “Hubby, did you get your things?”

CEO Ji, who had always been calm and collected, was now very antsy. He was running back and forth through the house. “Wait! Xiaonuan, I haven’t gotten you a blanket.”

Fang Xiaonuan felt a warm current between her legs. “Hubby, don’t bother with the blanket. The little tiger is anxious and wants to come out to play!”

A few hours later, Fang Xiaonuan gave birth to twin daughters.

Ji Lingchen held one in each hand and gave his wife a grateful kiss. “Honey, you’ve worked hard.”

Many years later, Ji Lingchen woke up from his afternoon nap to find that someone had drawn on his face.

It was obvious that this was the work of his two “angelic” daughters. As soon as he entered the study room, he saw two mini versions of Fang Xiaonuan giggling and hiding in the corner.

“Ji Xiaonian, Ji Xiaoxiang, come over here,” Ji Lingchen ordered.

“Mommy, help! Daddy is going to hit me!” The two little ones shouted for their mother.

Fang Xiaonuan, who had lost some of her childish roundness and gained some charm, was carrying cut fruits upstairs. When she saw her husband, she laughed so hard that her body swayed back and forth. “Hubby, look at your face. Haha! Our daughters take after me. They’re talented in painting!”

Ji Lingchen replied, “What else can I do? I can only pamper my wife and daughters!”

End of book.

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