319 Breakthrough

Ji Lingchen did not bring his little wife back to the Ji family’s residence. Instead, he went straight to Spirit Creek Villa.

Fang Xiaonuan looked at the familiar white building and refused to get out of the car no matter what.

Ji Lingchen lost his patience and carried her into the living room, throwing her on the sofa. “Sit down!”

Fang Xiaonuan scrambled to the corner of the sofa. This place was unlike the Ji family’s residence. There was no one to back her up here. There was no one else in Spirit Creek Villa, and no one would care what her husband did to her. An idea came to her mind, and she quickly said, “Hubby, the Feng family knows about Xiaoyu’s death fifteen years ago. Today, they said with great certainty that Xiaoyu died fifteen years ago. But Dad has kept this matter a secret. You and big brother didn’t even know about it, so how could they know? Something is amiss!”

She told him about this to quickly divert his attention, so that he would not hit her.

In the end, Ji Lingchen did not fall for it at all. He merely narrowed his eyes, then his expression returned to normal. He approached Fang Xiaonuan step by step, and pulled her back to the middle of the sofa.

Fang Xiaonuan struggled with all her might. “Hubby, I was wrong. I won’t do it again. I’m your only wife. If you kill me, you’ll have wasted so much money!”

“I’m rich!” Ji Lingchen replied. “Didn’t you run away from home? Didn’t you say that you’re going back to your parents’ house? What did you promise me yesterday?”

Fang Xiaonuan said, “Hubby, that was just a little trick I played so I could get out of the house. You’re so smart. You must know how much I love you!”

Ji Lingchen was helpless. He sat on the sofa and asked, “Are you hurt?”

“No.” Fang Xiaonuan shook her head. “Those two pieces of trash from the Feng family are no match for me at all.”

Ji Lingchen looked at his triumphant little wife and sighed. He got up to get a cup of hot water and handed it to her.

“Thank you, hubby.” Fang Xiaonuan took a sip of water and said, “Hubby, I really suspect that the Feng father and son have something to do with the kidnapping from fifteen years ago.” Fifteen years ago, when his eldest brother was working in the finance bureau, the Feng family had already started to decline, while the Ji family was on the rise. First of all, the two families were competitors. Moreover, the Feng family’s company was big back then. Even if the marriage with the Ji family did not work out, they likely had a backer behind them. Besides, the Lin family started to rise right after the Feng family went bankrupt. There must be a driving force behind this.

Ji Lingchen had already guessed this, and his wife’s words confirmed some of his suspicions. He looked at his wife, who was as soft as a kitten in his arms, and said, “In the future, if you want to fight again, you must tell me in advance, okay? And you’re only allowed to win, not lose. And you’re not allowed to get injured!”

“Got it!” Fang Xiaonuan replied.

Meanwhile, the father and son of the Feng family helped each other up. After these two incidents, they understood that going against the Ji family would only lead to a miserable death. At this moment, a man came to the house.

The man took out a check and handed it over. “Here’s 5 million yuan. Don’t ever come back after you leave Jing City. If you agree, I’ll send you off now.”

Mr. Feng and his son looked at each other and took the check. They really could not stay here any longer, or they would lose their lives.

A few days later, Liu Siyan’s investigation showed some results. The Lin group had raised 2 billion from abroad and successfully survived the crisis of a cash flow rupture. Furthermore, a senior executive in the political world had brought him out to discuss business. That executive was the Feng family’s former backer, Secretary Gao.

After receiving the results of the investigation, he called Ji Lingchen immediately. “Deputy Director Xi is also Secretary Gao’s student.”

“Then, that’s right. Secretary Gao is the one who saved Director Xi,” Ji Lingchen replied.

Looking at the information in front of him, Liu Siyan went straight to the point and said, “The police have been investigating based on my speculations. Although they’ve found a lot of things, this evidence is not enough to arrest Director Xi. Now that the Lin family has recovered, if they still protect Director Xi, we won’t be able to do anything to them, even considering my dad’s position. If we can’t catch him now, I’m afraid it’ll be even more difficult in the future…”

Ji Lingchen understood that Liu Siyan was asking him for help. “I can suppress the Lin family in the business world so that they don’t have time to care about other things. I should be able to buy you some time.”

“Thank you,” Liu Siyan replied.

A few days later, the Lin family arranged to sign a contract with the Song family in a high-profile manner. It was not a good idea to invite reporters to the contract signing ceremony. However, this was a historical moment. Mr. Lin wanted to use this opportunity to tell everyone in the business world that the Lin family could still survive, and even prosper, even though they were targeted by the Ji family!

The signing ceremony began. He first spoke passionately on stage for a long time. Then, it finally came to the most crucial part: the signing of the contract.

Everyone at the scene was anticipating this moment. The reporters were also ready to shoot. However, the moment that the representative of Song Corporation picked up the pen, he suddenly received a call.

Mr. Lin suddenly had a bad feeling when he saw the change in the man’s expression.

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