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I Secretly Develop Myself In The Demon World

Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: Chapter 92 White Water Town_2

Chapter 106: Chapter 92 White Water Town_2

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“Sky Wolf Valley is located about four hundred miles from Dianxing Sect, within Tianyun County.”

“If you want to go there now, you can go to the White Water Town in Tianyun County. From there, walk thirty Li directly south, and you’ll reach Sky Wolf Valley.”

“Tianyun County? That’s a pity; I’m too far from Tianyun County right now, otherwise, I’d like to go there and join the excitement.”

“Anyone going to Sky Wolf Valley for a treasure hunt in a group? Take me with you.”

Many players on the forum started getting restless and wanting to head to the Sky Wolf Valley to grab a share of the treasure.

Of course, the players who had such thoughts were not simple.

Each and every one of them had reached the Demon Sutra Great Success at the very least, and were not far from Demon Art Mastery, so they no longer had to worry about failing the survival task.

“Tianyun County, White Water Town!”

Su Nan’s eyes lit up as he finally found out where he was located.

“Thirty Li isn’t that far, I can go take a look tonight.”

With his strength, thirty Li wasn’t a big deal, it would take only a couple of tens of minutes at most.

But there was no hurry for now.

The post had only been published within one night, and the news hadn’t spread completely yet.

And the time was too short; even if players really wanted to go to Sky Wolf Valley, they couldn’t reach there immediately.

At least another ten hours or more would be needed.

“What? That Wang Nan who killed several players is fake? How is that possible? If he’s fake, then how could he have such strong strength?”

“I can assure you that, that Wang Nan is indeed fake. Moreover, the real Wang Nan also appeared last night.”

As soon as Su Nan arrived at the hotel, he saw Wang Chong talking animatedly with some colleagues, saliva flying everywhere.

“Who is more powerful, the real Wang Nan or the fake one?”

“Do you even have to ask? Of course, the real Wang Nan is more powerful.”

“Last night, the fake Wang Nan tried to capture the real one, but in the end, the fake Wang Nan disappeared while the real one remained unscathed.”

Wang Chong seemed to know everything, as if he had been there in person, which excited the young listeners.

Seeing Su Nan arrive, Wang Chong immediately asked, “Brother Nan, do you know what happened last night?”

“What happened last night?” Su Nan pretended to know nothing.

Although he had heard gunshots last night, that was only because his senses were far superior to ordinary people. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to hear such sounds from a distance.

If he said he’d heard gunshots, he’d risk making others suspicious.

Upon hearing Su Nan’s denial, Wang Chong became even more excited and recounted the story of last night’s events.

After listening, Su Nan turned and asked, “How did you know all this?”

Wang Chong said, “Miss Bai told me, as she participated in the operation to arrest the fake Wang Nan yesterday.”

Su Nan nodded.

In fact, he didn’t have to ask; he already knew where Wang Chong’s source of information came from.

But since he was playing the role of an ordinary person, he had to act like one. Curiosity was the expected behavior for an ordinary person.

Then someone suddenly thought of something and asked, “Brother Wang, there are only five days left for the survival task. What realm have you reached with your Demon Sutra?”

Wang Chong proudly said, “I have already reached Demon Sutra Great Success, and I only need to accumulate 16 more points of demon power to meet the survival task’s requirements.”

“And, I’ll be joining Miss Bai and the others very soon.”

“Brother Wang, you’re amazing!” The others were full of admiration for Wang Chong’s achievement.

Wang Chong felt like he was on cloud nine and directly told the others to find him in the game after they logged in.

While they were talking, the group suddenly saw a man quickly walking into the lobby.

Su Nan recognized him at a glance.

It was Yang Zheng, the head of the Demon Investigation Bureau in Donglin City.

“Why is he here again?” Wang Chong wondered.

Yang Zheng looked hurried, as if in a rush. He came to the hotel and headed straight for the top floor, apparently going to see Bai Mengmeng.

“Did something happen again? Was Old A’s death discovered last night?” Su Nan had a thought, considering a possibility.

Sure enough, after a while, Bai Mengmeng left the hotel with Yang Zheng quickly.

Su Nan shook his head secretly, without much concern.

With his illusion technique, as long as he didn’t bring disaster upon himself by revealing his identity, it was almost impossible for anyone to find him.

Who would have thought that a regular nine-to-five security guard would turn out to be the number one Wang Nan in the game?

At nine o’clock in the evening, Su Nan returned home.

After a simple washup, he logged into the game.

Transforming into the appearance of a Wolf Demon Guard, he left Kun Tian Prison once again.

This time, he planned to leave Sky Wolf Valley and check out the so-called White Water Town.

“According to the player’s description on the forum, Sky Wolf Valley is due south of White Water Town, so I should head north,” Su Nan thought.

Sky Wolf Valley was located in a long east-west mountain range that stretched for countless miles.

Fortunately, it seemed that most of the demons were gathered in Sky Wolf Valley, and there weren’t many demons in the mountain range itself.

As Su Nan transformed into a demon, his journey was smooth and unobstructed. In just over twenty or thirty minutes, he left the mountain range.

Continuing north, the terrain began to level out, with only occasional small hills.

After another half an hour, Su Nan stood on a small hill and looked into the distance, finally seeing a faint outline of a human town.

“That must be White Water Town,” he thought with anticipation.

It had been over ten days since he had entered the game, and Su Nan had finally left Sky Wolf Valley and found a human settlement.

“I guess I’ve graduated from being a beginner,” Su Nan said to himself sarcastically.

Entering a human activity area, he could not maintain the appearance of a demon and reverted to his original game character.

About ten minutes later, he finally arrived at White Water Town.

White Water Town was quite large, enclosed by high walls, and could be considered a small city.

In the town, there were tea houses, restaurants, and inns aplenty.

However, for some reason, there were only a few people on the streets, and even the occasional passers-by seemed hurried and a bit desolate.

Su Nan frowned.

Even though he didn’t know what other towns in the game looked like, he knew the situation was not normal.

“I’ll find a place to inquire about what’s going on here,” he thought.

After some consideration, he headed for a tea house.

The tea house was obviously past its prime and somewhat dilapidated.

As if she hadn’t seen a customer in a long time, an old woman in her sixties or seventies came over as soon as Su Nan entered the tea house.

“Would you like some tea, traveler?” the old woman asked.

Su Nan instinctively wanted to nod, but then he realized that he didn’t have any of this world’s currency.

Helplessly, he could only shake his head and answer, “No, ma’am, I just wanted to ask you why this town seems so big but has so few people?”

Hearing this, the old woman’s eyes flashed with surprise. “You are not from Tian Yun County?”

Su Nan was intrigued and replied, “No, I’m not from Tian Yun County.”

“That explains it,” the old woman nodded.

“If you were from Tian Yun County, you would know that White Water Town used to be a prosperous town until about twenty years ago when a group of powerful demon beasts arrived in the Black Wind Mountain Range, which is about thirty miles away.”

“At first, the demons periodically came to the town to capture martial artists. As time passed, powerful martial artists either escaped or were captured, and the demons then started to target young and strong people.”

“After that, people in the town either left or moved away, leaving only us helpless old people and some families who could not afford to move.”

“So that’s what happened!” Su Nan suddenly understood after listening to the old woman’s explanation.

Obviously, the so-called Black Wind Mountain Range was the mountain range where Sky Wolf Valley was located.

And the demons the old woman mentioned were the Wolf Demons from the Skywolf Clan.

“Ma’am, have you seen any foreigners like me today?” Su Nan asked.

The old woman shook her head and said, “Not today.”

Su Nan’s heart sank, knowing that he had arrived too early!

He thought it was normal since the player’s strength was not strong. It would be very risky for them to travel long distances in the demon-infested world, and their speed could not be too fast.

He was somewhat disappointed.

However, at that moment, the old woman seemed to remember something and continued, “But, about ten days ago, several people like you appeared mysteriously in the town. They later went to Li Caizhu’s house on the east side of the town and were never seen again.”

“Ten days ago?” Su Nan’s eyes sparkled. If his guess was correct, the people the old woman mentioned were highly likely to be players.

“Ma’am, where is Li Caizhu’s house?” Su Nan asked.

At the sound of Li Caizhu’s name, the old woman’s murky eyes filled with fear, and she quickly said, “You’re going to Li Caizhu’s house? You must not go there; it’s a very dangerous place..”

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