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I Really Didn’t Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: Chapter 92: The Despicable Enemy in the Shadowsl

Chapter 98: Chapter 92: The Despicable Enemy in the Shadowsl

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Nora Camp wore a gentle smile on her face, slightly lowering her head to gently caress her abdomen.

Harrison Clark thought for a long time and said, “Congratulations.”

“Thanks.” Nora Camp gently patted the chessboard, “Now there’s no need for us to mate, so just come and play a game of chess with me directly.”

Harrison Clark sat down.

Halfway through the game, the black pieces he held were completely defeated, with no chance of victory.

This scene had been replayed countless times in the past six months.

He lost every time, the process was always different, but the result remained the same.

In the past, Harrison Clark felt that this kind of failure made him feel bored, barely persevering for the sake of engaging in the interesting chess warm-ups. But Nora Camp seemed to never get tired of it, as if she could never get enough. “I say, you always win against me like this, why don’t you play with Al instead? That would at least have some challenge. Playing against me, a lousy chess player, you don’t seem to be fully involved, right?”

Harrison Clark casually threw the chess piece on the table and raised both hands to concede defeat.

Nora Camp smiled and pointed at the chessboard, “Playing against Al, I’d always lose, and playing against you, I’d always win. Both outcomes are always the same, of course playing against you is more interesting.”

Harrison Clark asked, “Interesting? You mean the act of winning makes you feel happy?”

Nora Camp nodded, “Winning is, of course, better than losing. And playing chess with people, you can feel more diversity than Al, even the most perfect Artificial Intelligence can’t perfectly simulate the uncertainty of human thinking, like your fourth move’s mistake. Al can never simulate that.”

She pointed and the replay started on the screen behind her.

Harrison Clark looked up, “Or even if Al made such a move, by the middle game, you would find that it wasn’t a mistake, but a trap?”


“Then, I have a question.” Harrison Clark leaned slightly forward, asking with a slightly oppressive tone, “Since you can perceive the emotional changes when losing and winning, you should have feelings. So how do you view our experiences over the past six months?”

Nora Camp quickly answered, “The logic I’ve learned tells me when it’s appropriate to feel happy, what kind of emotions are necessary, and what kind of emotions aren’t significant.”

Harrison Clark got the answer he wanted and nodded to leave.

“All right, I know.”

Including Nora Camp, Martha Owen, and even all the people Harrison Clark has known so far, they were all the same.

Everyone chose a core theme for themselves and, based on that, established their own logical framework, placing this logical framework above their own emotional instincts.

This is both a necessity demanded by the current crisis and the result of humanity’s self-evolutionary choices.

Harrison Clark returned to the battle readiness cabin where the Azure Dragon Armor operators gathered.

Marthus and many squad members were lined up waiting for him.

As required by regulations, he, as a Lieutenant Captain, was supposed to give a brief pre-battle mobilization.

This was not something Harrison Clark was good at; he’s always been a role model by his actions, not by lofty words.

Moreover, his personal pessimism made him doubt whether his words would have any positive mobilization effect.

He just paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, remaining silent for a full ten minutes. When the atmosphere had become solemn enough, he said, “Everyone, it takes a thousand days to train troops, but only a moment to use them. We’ve consumed a lot of social resources and prepared countless contingency plans for potential enemies. When the enemy appears, our central brain will select the best overall response plan within 0.1 seconds. Our captain will complete all instructions and arrangements within five seconds, and we, as Azure Dragon Armor soldiers, should do our part. We should figure out our role in this war within one second, and execute our tasks without hesitation! That’s all I have to say, at ease!”

Announcing the dissolution of the formation, Harrison Clark returned to his room.

As for the other Azure Dragon Armor warriors, they each went to assist their operators in the final checks, ensuring that their equipment was in perfect battle-ready condition.

Martha Owen was personally in charge of Harrison Clark’s equipment, and after six months of running in, the two now had a seamless collaboration.

“Harrison Clark, your equipment is fine; standby at any time.”

Martha Owen knocked on the door of his resting room and walked in.

Harrison Clark nodded, “Thank you.”

Looking at Martha Owen’s now irrecoverable full head of silver hair and slightly chubby round face, he thought for a moment and asked, “Dr. Owen, I heard you also studied anthropology in your spare time. Right?”

“Yes, what’s up?”

“Do you think that the direction of modern human evolution chosen is as expected? Is the deliberate shedding of rich emotions that distinguish humans from ordinary animals really helpful in facing unknown enemies?”

Martha Owen raised her eyebrows, “Are you confused?”

“Of course.”

“Actually, there is no answer to your question. Neither the Ancient Civilization Research Institute, which specializes in biotechnology, nor the Flamingo Institute, which specializes in humanities and technology, has a definitive answer. This issue runs through the entire history of human evolution, from ancient to contemporary times. Every war, every plague, every process that causes a major change in society, is an exploration.”

“We can’t judge whether it’s right or wrong before we see the results, only by looking at the final answer, can we infer whether the problem-solving process is accurate. Fortunately, human civilization still exists so far, which means that our path is not wrong..”

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