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I Can See Your Combat Power

Chapter 97 - Chapter 97: Chapter Ninety-Three: Life is Long (Seeking

Chapter 97: Chapter Ninety-Three: Life is Long (Seeking

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“There will come a day when we must go to war. I think now is a good time,” Tang Luo’s voice remained as calm as ever, as if hundreds of years of peace’in Xiling being destroyed in an instant was a trifle matter.

Xu Shuhui couldn’t believe that her peaceful and kind eldest son would say such cold-blooded words. If the two clans go to war, Xiling will inevitably be a bloody field, the land stained with blood for miles.

Her eldest son felt so strange to her. She wanted to chastise and refute him but dtdn’t know where to start, because a voice in her heart was telling her that Tang Luo was right.

The power of the Tang-Mi clans had far exceeded any other normal clans. Hundreds of years of peace was undoubtedly the result of their control.

However, as their power and numbers grew, the city of Xiling alone could no longer satisfy the ambitions of the two clans, and the ultimate result, as Tang Luo said, will be a war.

Everyone knew that the sooner this great battle took place, the better. But no one dared to try because the strength of the two clans was too closely matched. Even if a winner was determined, it would still leave both sides weakened.

Tang Luo looked at his mother’s suddenly lost eyes, knowing that she could not accept his cold-blooded posture for a while. He immediately supplemented, “Actually, mother, you are thinking too much. Even if I kill him, the Tang-Mi clan won’t fight.”

Xu Shuhui was in turmoil, hearing Tang Luo say so, she asked, “Why do you think that?”

“Because Mi Clan’s treasure ship has not yet returned. They lack the strength and the high-end combat power.”

“But when the treasure ship returns, isn’t it still bound to be a war?”

“By then, with the Mi Clan embarking without a reason, the various clans of Xiling will stand on the side of the Tang Clan and attack the Mi Clan,” Tang Luo replied with a faint smile. That’s why he wanted to make the assassination of Zhang Xinghe a solid case today.

No matter what the truth was, there was only one narrative after today.

And if someone were to investigate at the Tianxiang Building, a unified story would undoubtedly make them believe even more firmly. The incident was Zhang Xinghe’s rebellion for wealth.

Pretending to choose a pillow for Mi Shen, he robbed and killed for gold.

So, kill Zhang Xinghe because Mi Shen has failed to discipline. If Mi Shen dies in the battle, the Mi Clan can’t find anything wrong with it.

If they still want to stand their ground, then it’s good. The Tang Clan can properly teach them a lesson while the Mi Clan’s Tian Yu Camp has not yet returned.

Believing in the wisdom of the Mi Clan’s Chief, he will not do such foolish things. After all, Mi Shen is Mi Hu’s son, not Chief Mi’s son.

Although the Elder’s Council of Mi Clan decided to cultivate Mi Shen as the next Chief, he wasn’t the Chief yet, was he?

“Fighting now is not bad.” Tang Sen lifted his head and sided with them in this mother-son conversation.

Xu Shuhui was furious. She couldn’t believe that the wood-headed Tang Sen didn’t side with her. She kicked him hard on his knee.


The familiar sound rang out, the same old technique. Tang Sen continued eating calmly without changing the expression on his face.

Son of South City Mansion

Mi Shen sat expressionlessly in the strategist room, listening to the reports of the family members and guests.

“More than thirty pinnacle martial artists from the Mortal Realm, all armed, broke into the mansion.”

“A total of two hundred and thirty-three guests and members were injured, but apart from a few warriors who went to Tianxiang Building to choose pillows and Zhang Xinghe, no one was killed.”

“The Strategy Room, the Martial Room, and the Sleeping Room all suffered different degrees of damage.”

But the treasury and warehouse were not attacked.”

The losses from treatment and repairs amount to around two hundred thousand gold.”

There was a cold light in his eyes, but what prevailed was his fear of Tang Luo. He acted decisively and directly targeted most of the buildings for attack, but he didn’t harm the treasury or warehouse, which made it impossible for him to gam any advantage from this incident.

■Tve lost this one,” Mi Shen said to himself, waving his hand to dismiss the stewards.

His entourage was killed, and his mansion was damaged. Normally, he should be furious, but he felt an unprecedented excitement and passion instead.

It was widely rumored in Xiling that the two prodigies of the Mi Clan were sharply contrasting. But from the beginning, Mi Shen knew that he and Mi Chu were not of the same kind. Mi Chu’s goal was the pinnacle of martial arts, while his dream was political domination. This is why they were called the golden generation of Xiling.

The combination of Clan Chief Mi Shen and Sect Head Mi Chu is the vision for the dominance of the Mi Clan thirty years later.

The smoothly growing Mi Shen had never seen an opponent. In his eyes the so-called talented youths of Xiling were all useless. Even those high-ranking elders seemed mediocre to him.

Seeing Tang Luo, he felt as if he were facing a ferocious beast that was not bound by rules but could make use of them.

Such an opponent was worthy of contending with the two prodigies of the Mi Clan after thirty years.

And they were all still young, with a long future ahead, so the battle has just begun.

In the darkness, Mi Shen revealed an extremely charming smile, and his dazzling eyes were full of excitement.

Star Pavilion

“Young master, I have a favor to ask.” Hua Ji knocked on the door of Tang Luo’s study. Holding a bowl of fresh fruits, he hesitantly said.

Tang Luo popped a cherry into his mouth, not committing either way.

“I want to marry Xing Yu, I hope the young master can help,” Hua Ji said, his face blushing as he pleaded with Tang Luo.

“Puff,” Tang Luo spit the cherry pit into a small box next to him, looking at Hua Ji expressionlessly, remaining silent for a while.

When Tang Luo was expressionless, he was undoubtedly angry; Hua Ji didn’t understand what had angered him, so he could only look down guiltily.

“What’s wrong with you? Is your brain broken?” Tang Luo pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his hands.

Hua Ji was stunned by Tang Luo’s sudden harsh words. He didn’t understand how he had angered him.

“You want to marry Xing Yu, do you need my approval? You should find a matchmaker, then let her negotiate with the maid’s steward in Tang Mansion about the dowry, then officially go to Tang Mansion to propose. Understand?” Hua Ji then realized his stupidity. He had done something incredibly foolish. If it were Tang Luo’s request, Tang Mansion would of course readily send Xing Yu out, but what would her sisters think of him?

To leave the mansion unofficially would only make Xing Yu, who was already a bit self- conscious, more introverted.

“Young Master, thank you.” Hua Ji was extremely grateful in his heart. If he had hurt his beloved because of his rush, he would never have forgiven himself. Tang Luo waved his hand and said gruffly, “You’re a store manager now, why are you still so impulsive? Think before you act, use your brain.”

Although the young master didn’t have many kind words to say, Hua Ji knew he was genuinely considering for him and had his best interest at heart.

Hua Ji was full of gratitude, and vowed, “I understand, the young master is looking out for me. Even if I were to grind my bones to dust, it would not be enough to repay the young master’s kindness..”

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