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Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter

Chapter 402 - Chapter 402: Su Yang’s Simple Explanation Of The Level Of Strength

Chapter 402: Su Yang’s Simple Explanation Of The Level Of Strength

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“Because Daddy is too awesome. He’s covered in their tomato juice!” Su Yang’s voice was still calm.

“I see!” Su Qianqian immediately understood.

After all, in Su Qianqian’s impression, every time Su Yang returned home, he would be in a bloody state. He looked terrifying, but she was used to seeing it often.

Su Qianqian then asked, “Dad, what is Transcendent and Celestial?”

She knew about Transcendents and Celestials because she had talked about this with Wang Wanqing via 1000 li voice transmission.

However, Wang Wanqing did not know how to explain.

Su Yang said, “Transcendent is the strength of lv.40 – 49, and Celestial is the strength of lv.50 – 59.

“People with Transcendent-level strength are no longer limited by mortal power and body. They can fly in the sky and burrow into the ground. They can live for more than 500 years. They won’t starve to death even if they don’t eat for a month.

“People with Celestial-level strength can regrow limbs and sense all things. They can live for more than 1,000 years. If they are Nascent Soul cultivators, they can even form their own Small World.”

These words made Su Qianqian very confused. It was as if she understood something, but also as if she did not understand anything.

However, the netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream had a clearer understanding of Su Yang’s Transcendent-level and Celestial-level strength when he was explaining their strength.

Didn’t this mean that Su Yang’s strength was at least at the Celestial level?

Otherwise, how could he know the secrets of the Celestial Realm?

“Is Sister Wanqing at the Transcendent-level?” Su Qianqian asked.

Su Yang immediately replied, “That’s right. From the moment your Sister Wan Qing obtained the dragon essence, she had already condensed a Golden Core. That’s the symbol of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. However, as her fusion rate increases, she will be devoured by the dragon essence. That’s why Dad asked her to come to our home after the trial ended.”

“Then is Dad’s strength at the Celestial-level?” Su Qianqian asked.

This question made the netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream hold their breaths.

This was something that they had dreamed of knowing.

Su Yang smiled, and said, “Haha, Qianqian is getting smarter and smarter. However, Daddy’s current strength is stronger than Celestial Realm.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Heavenly Dao live-stream immediately exploded.

“I should have known.”

“Didn’t Su Yang say just now? He said that no one in the Western Demon Region is stronger than Su Qianqian. That means that Su Qianqian’s strength is at least lv.49, right?

“Therefore, the possibility of Su Yang’s strength being between lv.50 and lv.59 is very high, but the possibility of Su Yang’s strength being above lv.6o is even higher.”

“A super big shot above lv.6o!”

How could the netizens not know that a lv.40 could occupy a place in the Western Demon Realm? This Otherworld Instance Dungeon could be swept through the entire Western Demon Realm at lv.48 – 49.

From lv.50 to lv.59, in other words, wouldn’t a Chosen One at the Celestial Realm be able to easily torture noobs in the Western Demon Realm?

However, Su Yang’s strength was above lv.6o. He did not care about the Western Demon Realm at all.

However, the netizens did not know what realm lv.6o was.

From lv.50 to lv.59, Celestials could regenerate limbs and sense all things.

What was restoring broken limbs? There was no need for much explanation. The best explanation was that a eunuch could become a normal man.

The eyes of the Six-Eared Macaque, Shadow Pig, and Demon Eating Flower, who were listening at the side, widened.

They were only around lv.40.

However, Su Qianqian’s father, Su Yang, was actually so much higher than them.

The Six-Eared Macaque believed that Su Yang could kill him with just one finger.

The Six-Eared Macaque also understood why Su Qianqian could be so powerful. It turned out that she had an extremely powerful father.

The Six-Eared Macaque rejoiced in his heart. He had become Su Qianqian’s disciple, and even if Su Qianqian did not enlighten him, she had given the Six-Eared Macaque a protective talisman. How could this not be fulfilling the path of a master and disciple?

“Dad, what is more powerful than Celestial Realm?” Su Qianqian asked curiously.

Su Yang’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“It’s the Supreme-level. For cultivators, it’s the Soul Division Realm.” Su Yang’s words were still very calm.

When the netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream heard Su Yang’s explanation on the phone, their jaws dropped.

“F*ck, what did 1 hear?”

“Supreme-level even higher than the Celestial-level!”

“If Su Qianqian has Transcendent-level strength, it’s only natural that her father has Supreme-level strength.”

“I feel as small as an ant. What should 1 do?”

“Remove the word ‘feel.’ In front of Su Yang, we’re indeed as weak as ants!”

Some netizens even thought that they were not even an ant in front of Su Yang.

At the same time.

At the Dragon Country’s Shenzhou Institute.

The five elders had been watching the Heavenly Dao live-stream.

They had not spoken a word since Su Qianqian called Su Yang.

After they heard Su Yang explaining strength levels, they were also extremely shocked.

Even Li Xingyuan had only recently heard that above the Transcendent-level was the Celestial-level.

However, this was the first time they had heard of the Supreme Realm.

At this moment, Qiao Lu spoke.

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t Su Yang be training in 9-star Otherworld Instance Dungeons?”

Hearing this, Li Xingyuan was the first to nod.

He said, “A Chosen One with Transcendent-level strength is qualified to complete the Otherworld Instance Dungeon trial with a 7-star difficulty factor. A Chosen One with Celestial-level strength is naturally qualified to complete an 8-star Otherworld Instance Dungeon trial. As for a 9-star Otherworld Instance Dungeon, only a Chosen One like Su Yang with Supreme-level strength can complete the trial.”

“I’ve broadened my horizons, but there’s something 1 don’t understand,” Mu Beihuan said.

“What do you not understand?” Li Xingyuan asked.

Mu Beihuan said bluntly, “What I don’t understand is that Su Yang is only 23 or 24 years old, right? How can he have such terrifying strength at the age of 20?”

Li Xingyuan said, “Although strength is not related to age, it is more or less related. I can only say that Su Yang is a heaven’s chosen.”

Zhou Na said, “It’s like the protagonist in a book, or a protagonist on television?”

Ou Zhenzi smiled, and said, “Actually, each of us is our own protagonist. It’s just that he’s not ordinary. He’s also a protagonist to us.”

The five elders of the Shenzhou Institute actually thought of another person at this moment, and it was someone from their Shenzhou Institute.

It was Yu Fuxue!

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