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Chapter 555 Finale

The old emperor personally issued an imperial edict, and made another edict to pass the throne to Yan Luoyu, the princess of Zhen Guo.

The next day, the old emperor committed suicide in Shangyang Palace.

On the same day, Princess Zhen Guo succeeded to the throne in front of the old emperor's coffin.

Pei Shu personally led all civil and military officials to congratulate.

The courtiers discussed in private.

"Evidently the third prince is still there, but Pei Xiangguo made the princess emperor. This is deliberately provoking a royal dispute..."

"Think about how the previous dynasty destroyed the country? Isn't it because the empress is in power?"

"Princess Zhenguo is neither a man nor the eldest daughter. This name of succession is not justified - this is what Pei Xiangguo wants. Otherwise, what excuse will he use to overthrow this empress in the future?"

However, the development of things completely surpassed everyone's imagination.

Before long, visions appeared everywhere.

Qin Tianjian and various alchemists explained: The empress is in court, and the country will have great luck.

However, since the country is about to have a great fortune, why are there still various ominous omens—for example, a thunderstorm in Yongzhou killed a thousand-year-old tree.

Qin Tianjian watched the sky day and night, and finally stood up and said: The empress is different.

What is the difference?

Everyone speculated.

I don't know when, the ballad about the Pei family's heroine is being circulated again.

The officials who had been looking at the flowers in the fog suddenly realized that Pei Xiangguo was paving the way for Miss Pei's family.

However, how can a person who has ascended to the throne of God willingly step down?

So, one day, the empress called Pei Xiangguo into the palace, saying that there was a vision in the palace and wanted to ask Pei Xiangguo for details.

However, it turned out that this was an elaborate murder.

But the praying mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind.

Pei Xiangguo had already seen the intention of the empress, entered the palace, and cut off the empress' wings.

A few days later, the empress issued an edict to abdicate.

But Pei Xiangguo led the courtiers to refuse, claiming that it is the destiny of the female emperor to come to court.

The rumors of "Pei's heroine ruling the world" in Beijing have become more and more intense.

I don’t know who came out and said that the big boss behind the big pharmacy that hangs the pot to help the world is actually Miss Pei’s family.

Immediately afterwards, there was news that Miss Pei, who sent money and food to the front line, was a living Bodhisattva.

There were more and more rumors, and finally on a certain day, a group of ordinary people took to the streets and petitioned together—begging Miss Pei to be the emperor.

This is a wonder through the ages.

However, Pei Yi knew that behind the spectacle was careful planning—without her people leading the way, there would be no infected people who spontaneously joined.

Under the strong public opinion, the empress issued an edict to give Pei Yi the seat of Zen.

"Public opinion?!" Yan Luoyu glared at the woman in the bright yellow dragon robe in front of her, and said viciously, "It is clear that you lied about the public opinion! I didn't issue the Zen edict at all, and you forged the edict!"

"Princess," Pei Yi said in a deep voice, "It is the destiny for me to be the emperor, and the princess is nothing more than following the destiny."

Yan Luoyu is no longer the Empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but Princess Anfu who was conferred by the Pei family of the Xia Dynasty.

But Yan Luoyu himself denied it.

She sneered and said: "What a destiny. According to what you mean, if I issued the edict of the Zen position, I would obey the destiny, and if I didn't, it would be against the destiny. And even if you forge the edict of the Zen position, you are only following the heaven?! "

Pei Yi smiled and said: "It's good that the princess can understand this truth."

Yan Luoyu was furious.

The moment Pei Yi turned around, Yan Luoyu's eyes were as cold as frost, and he suddenly took out a dagger from his wide sleeve and stabbed at her.

Pei Yi didn't even look back, and knocked down the dagger with her backhand, and said coolly: "Princess, I won't kill you."

Yan Luoyu was full of anger and said: "But I will kill you."

Pei Yi turned her face slightly and said, "You can't."

She turned her face away, walked out of the hall, and said coolly: "No matter how hard you force me, I will not kill you. As long as I am here, the princess will be safe."


Yan Luoyu screamed in dismay, grabbed a vase with both hands and slammed it in Pei Yi's direction.

Pei Yi turned a deaf ear to it.

She knew that Yan Luoyu wanted to force her to kill someone.

But she would never kill Yan Luoyu.

No matter how Yan Luoyu acts as a monster, she will make Yan Luoyu live well.

She wants to prove to the world that she belongs to the destiny, and she will win the world—she will never massacre the former royal family like other kings.

She made the royal family of the former Huo family who are still alive live well-living under her nose, living as wastes one by one.

Years later.

On a sunny summer afternoon, Princess Anfu Yan Luoyu sent someone to Qinzheng Hall with a plate of dessert.

In the Palace of Qinzheng.

Pei Yi glanced at the pastry, and the father-in-law next to her immediately took out a silver needle to test the poison.

The silver needle is inserted into the pastry, and it will be black soon.

Eunuch smiled awkwardly: "Your Majesty, the pastry is poisonous."

Pei Yi said quietly: "The poisoning is getting more and more carefree, and it will come out after just a casual test."

Eunuch lowered his head, not daring to speak.

Princess Anfu has never stopped. In the first few years, she often single-handedly assassinated His Majesty, and later turned into poisoning—this poisoning of His Majesty has become a daily compulsory course for Princess Anfu.

I don't know what method Princess Anfu will come up with to deal with their Majesty in the future.

After finishing her official duties that day, Pei Yi went to Wanfu Palace—now Yan Luoyu's residence.

"I heard that today is your birthday." Pei Yi put a brocade box on the table, "This is a little wish from me."

Yan Luoyu didn't even look at it, and swept his sleeves to the ground.

Pei Yi was not annoyed at all, and said calmly: "Princess has seldom visited your husband in recent years, so she can't help being impetuous. In a few days, I will choose a few husbands for you, and give the princess a good fight."

Yan Luoyu was angry, and sneered with a livid face: "You should find a man for yourself! I heard that Xiao Junji ran away from home again, right? And Huo Yuan, he has never Ignore you?"

When Yan Luoyu said this, he laughed heartily twice, and then continued to sneer: "Poor Huo Yuan, who was originally the prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty, with such a noble status - but now he is a monk in Lanruo Temple, with his hair shaved, he can see through the world of mortals Yes, hahaha..."

These words touched Pei Yi's sore spot, she suddenly turned cold, and scolded: "Shut up!"

"Why, can't take it anymore?" Yan Luoyu smiled and said, "Why didn't you expect this day when you seized my throne? Even if everyone in the world recognizes you as the emperor, so what? Does Huo Yuan recognize you? Is he willing? If he can accept you, he can become a monk?!"

Pei Yi had a gloomy face and said nothing.

But Yan Luoyu talked more and more freely, and laughed: "Your 'Concubine Xun' is also arguing to go back to her mother's house? Oh, I heard that he wants to reconcile? Pei Yi, Pei Yi, even if you sit and enjoy thousands of miles of rivers and mountains , you are also in endless loneliness!"

Pei Yi was full of patience, and interrupted coldly: "Only those who are not at the peak of power are lonely."

Yan Luoyu choked for a moment, and said sarcastically, "Deceive yourself."

Pei Yi smiled disdainfully: "Who knows who is deceiving himself and others."

She picked up the gift box that fell on the floor and put it on the table, leisurely said: "I forgot to tell you, I have brought Huo Yuan back to the palace."

"In my bedroom, Huo Yuan can still practice. Doesn't Buddhism have joy Zen, and I am very happy to practice Zen with him."

Happy Zen is the Zen used by the **** of sex.

Yan Luoyu didn't expect it, and held it in for a long time before he choked out a sentence: "Rogue!"

Pei Yi didn't feel disobedient at all, but smiled kindly: "It's hard for the princess to care so much about my housework. Those husbands of mine are so erratic all day long, it makes the princess laugh."

Yan Luoyu was about to die of anger.

She had never seen such a worthless man—Xiao Junji ran away from home at every turn, and never came back without seeing him again. Xun Huan went back to her mother's house to make up with each other, but it might not be true!

"By the way, I see that the emperor of Chu is unparalleled in beauty, and I don't know if I can marry him." Pei Yi sighed quietly, "After all, there has never been a marriage between the emperors of these two countries since ancient times."

Now the emperor of Great Chu has just succeeded to the throne. He is an extremely decisive young emperor. His surname is Chu and his first name is Linyuan.

Of course, people don't know, but he still has a name in his heart—Pei Wujiu.

Yan Luoyu was stunned.

She raised her finger and pointed at the woman in front of her, and said in surprise and anger: "You even have a crush on the emperors of other countries? Then why don't you go **** it? You knock down Chu! You make Emperor Chu a prisoner!"

Pei Yi gave Yan Luoyu a disgusted look, and said teasingly, "You really are a man who doesn't use enough, has a bad temper, and doesn't know how to be compassionate and sympathetic."

Yan Luoyu was so angry that he took a sip and said, "I'm not as shameless as you!"

Pei Yi sighed quietly, and said leisurely and leisurely in a tone that was more than enough to kill anyone: "Actually, I think the Turkic Khan is also very good. I just don't know if he is willing to commit himself to me. "

The Turkic Khan of today, Helian Linyu—just unified the Eastern and Western Turks last year, and he is in the limelight.

Yan Luoyu was dumbfounded.

She was silent for a while, and thoughtfully said: "Don't you sleep with that Turkic Khan, and the Turkic Khan will be able to pass out and hand over the Turkic Khan?"

Pei Yi was full of disgust, and said very dissatisfied: "Princess Anfu, your words are really getting more and more vulgar."

Yan Luoyu snorted coldly, and said contemptuously: "I disdain to use civilized language when talking to hooligans."

At this critical moment, the Princess Anfu insisted on her former title of emperor again.

Pei Yi shook her head and sighed: "Since the princess doesn't want to be a hooligan, then I'd better stop giving the princess a husband."

Yan Luoyu's face was slightly stiff, but he still remained silent.

However, when Pei Yi got up and was about to walk out of the hall, Yan Luoyu howled: "They are all people in the world of mortals, and I can't be exempt!"

Pei Yi pursed her lips and snickered, and said with a smile: "I understand."

"Rogue!" Yan Luoyu spat hard at the direction Pei Yi was heading away from.

Pei Yi walked out of the main hall, all she could see was a series of palace buildings, and what she looked up was the infinite sky.

The future is still very long.

And her empire has only just begun.

This is the last book of Big Fatty.

Afterwards, I will seal the pen in a circle.

Don't read, don't ask.

Everyone is destined to see you in Jianghu.

(End of the full text)

(end of this chapter)

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